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How to have the unforgettable honeymoon you’ve always dreamt of

“A dream is a wish your heart makes” – Cinderella used to sing…  and we couldn’t agree more with her! You surely have been dreaming of your honeymoon since the very first moment of your engagement, haven’t you?

Now that you are planning your wedding, it’s time to make those wishes come true and turn your unforgettable honeymoon into reality!

How to do that, you wonder? Well, that’s pretty easy: just follow the following simple suggestions and you will be ready to leave for your perfect journey as newlyweds in no time.

First: the planning

Honeymoon is not like any other trip you take during your lifetime: it’s the first one as husband and wife, so you want to make sure to honor it the right way. That’s the reason why, even if you are an adventurer who usually goes with the flow, we suggest you to plan your unforgettable honeymoon in advance. This will allow you to only focus on enjoying it as much as you can, when you’re there.

From the honeyfund to how to deal with hotels and airlines, from the itinerary to the pampering side of it, passing through surprises: you will find everything you need in our article “Honeymoon planning with a twist”!

Second: the destination

Choosing the perfect setting for your unforgettable honeymoon might look easier than it actually is. You and your spouse probably have different ideas about it, that also need to match with the budget and time you can spare for the vacation…

Since we don’t want to see you fight before getting married, we wrote a useful post about how to pick the right honeymoon destination: your decision will be much easier after you read that! And if, by any chance, you’re lacking fantasy, you can check out our list of the top quirky honeymoon destinations for unconventional lovers… we’re sure you’ll find some great inspiration there!

Third: the packing

Everything is ready: you planned every detail of your unforgettable honeymoon, you picked the most romantic yet thrilling destination, you can’t wait to embark on this adventure of a lifetime… but what should you pack?

Well, besides the basics – you don’t want to forget those and ruin the journey, right? – there are more expedients that you could consider when packing suitcases for your honeymoon: you can find all of them in our ultimate guide about what to pack for your honeymoon!

The outsider: let surprise in!

If you’re looking for something really unique, why not welcome the element of surprise into your honeymoon? You won’t have to plan anything, not even the destination of your journey: your surprise travel agents will do everything for you. They will act like the little helpers of Cinderella, turning your wishes into reality in a way that you don’t expect. All you will have to do is wholeheartedly enjoy the experience.

Want to know more about it? Check out our article about this absolutely incredible alternative honeymoon idea – or go straight to our contact page and get ready to be surprised with the most unforgettable honeymoon ever!


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