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Family Surprise

"Don't just tell your children about the world. Show them - with a surprise experience."

Surprise holidays: a gift your family will remember forever!

Surprise holidays are not only a great idea for your honeymoon or anniversary. They also make a perfect gift for the whole family, kids included. Actually, they will be the most excited ones if you surprise them with a holiday.

Whether it is for a birthday, for Christmas or just for the joy of traveling – surprise holidays will add a twist of wonder that your children and the whole family will remember forever!

Make your kids happy with a surprise holiday

We all love surprises. Whether we are children or adults, it doesn’t make much difference. Receiving a surprise has positive consequences on our brain: it activates curiosity, excitement and wonder – that’s a scientific fact!

That’s why if you set up a surprise holiday for your kids they will be so much happier than for a regular vacation.

So you chose a destination that you know the will love – Disneyland? The Wizarding World of Harry Potter? A family friendly cruise? – but then how can you really surprise them?

Here are 3 funny ideas to do that:

  • A treasure hunt: prepare some clues and hide them in different parts of the house. The children will have to follow them until they reach the treasure that will reveal the destination.

  • A themed evening: dinner will include food and decorations that represent the destination. The children will have to guess where you’re going.

  • A riddle: gather different kinds of objects that will be the hints, place them in a box and let your kids use their imagination to guess the destination of the surprise holiday.

This will be a lot of fun for both children and you, parents!

Surprise holidays for the whole family

We’ve talked about a scenario where you plan the whole holiday and then surprise your little ones.
But maybe you’re not a fan of planning, or you don’t have time to do it.

Maybe you want to try a completely different experience for once. Or maybe you simply want to be surprised too. Whatever your situation is, there’s something that will turn your wish into reality: surprise holidays.

What’s the difference between the “real” surprise holidays and what we’ve talked about earlier? That they will surprise the whole family in a totally new way!

No one in the family will know anything about the holiday.

surprise travel agency will talk to you in order to understand your needs and – above all – desires and they will plan everything for you.

Then, your real-life treasure hunt will start: you will receive ten envelopes that hold all the secrets of your surprise holiday. You will open the first one the day before departure: imagine how thrilling it will be to find out where you’re going together with your children.
Who will be the most excited?

The following envelopes will be opened on the specific day and time written on each of them. It will feel like a big and amazing game!
The winners will be all of you: you’ve surely never experienced something like this before.


So now you know what the best (and unforgettable) present would be for the next birthdays, family celebrations or seasonal vacations: surprise holidays for your next family vacation!

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