You’re organizing a wedding unlike any other, a celebration that you and your guests will remember forever. What if you also want to have the most unusual holiday ever?
Here’s the top 5 quirky honeymoon destinations where you and your brand new spouse can set your unconventional love free!

Enjoy the Northern Lights from your igloo in Finland

Apparently, the whole world is catching the magic of Northern Lights in Iceland – but you know what? Finland is actually the place to be, if you want to be hypnotized by the wonderful Aurora Borealis. What’s better than sharing that unreal show with your beloved, hugging each other on a comfortable bed in your glass igloo? Forget the freezing Finnish weather: you will enjoy the snowy winter forest from your warm comfort zone.
Isn’t this the best destination for an unconventional honeymoon?

Into-the-wild-honeymoon: tree house hotel in Sweden

Raise your hand if you dreamt of living in a tree house at least once in your life!
In Sweden, a lovely couple of definitely unconventional dreamers took this desire to the next level: they built seven tree house rooms in the middle of the woods. They are all different, unique and designed by incredible architects. You will get your privacy and enjoy a modern accommodation surrounded by nature.
Is it a quirky-enough honeymoon destination for you?

Quirky resorts: sleep underwater off the Tanzania coast

Maybe you’ve never thought of this, but staying underwater could actually turn out to be the best unconventional idea for your honeymoon. If you’re fond of diving, snorkeling or even just of “Finding Nemo”, this is the ultimate travel experience you can have. It’s like having a tiny private island all for you – with the only difference that your room will have a 360° view of the Ocean depths.
Definitely an alternative way to live the Tanzania beach life. Definitely the perfect solution for an intimate ad unforgettable honeymoon. Don’t you think?

The best honeymoon needs nothing but love in Switzerland

As the Beatles sang a long time ago, “All you need is love” – and this is even more true when it comes to honeymoons! Perfect for nature lovers, this quirky honeymoon destination will surely surprise you.
Amidst the Swiss mountains, surrounded by chilly air and flowers scent there’s… nothing, but a bed. No walls, no roof, no door. Just you, your spouse and a bed under the starry sky. Love will keep you warm at night and a copious breakfast will be served to you in bed in the morning.
You’ll be part of a live piece of art: who else do you know who could tell a story like this?

The prize for the quirkiest honeymoon destination goes to… no destination!

It might sound weird, but it’s actually the most exciting solution for a quirky honeymoon: not knowing what your destination will be.
How’s it possible, you wonder? Thanks to a surprise honeymoon! Someone else is going to plan it for you, of course. You and your loved one only need to express your desires and they will be fulfilled, leaving you speechless. Until the very last moment, you won’t know where you’re going to spend your honeymoon or what you’re going to do. The only thing you can be sure of is that it will be the perfect adventure for two unconventional lovers like you!

Now that we explored the top 5 quirky honeymoon destinations with you, we would love to know what you think: what’s your favorite one?