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Publication on Wedding Vogue Vanity Fair 

With enormous joy, we have discovered that Blind Experiences has been featured in the latest edition of Wedding Vogue Vanity Fair magazine. ​

Three friends - Chiara Mascarucci, Andrea Lazzarini Viti and Fabio Prestijacopo - founded their travel agency, Blind Experiences, with the idea of sending travellers on 'blind' trips. "We had this idea one evening." says Chiara. We were discussing what to get for a couple that was about to get married. We wanted to make their honeymoon unique. Creating a custom itinerary wasn't enough. We wanted that magic touch that would truly make it amazing, so the idea was to create a secret itinerary whereby, the various stops and experiences would only be revealed little by little, one after the other." Begun as an agency focused on honeymoons, Blind Experience has expanded to offer all kinds of trips throughout the world.

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