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Family Travel Tips

Michele & Erica

19 Days - 2 Countries - 1 Incredible Experience

Erica and Michele knew there was one goal they wanted to achieve together on their honeymoon: climb Kilimanjaro. We were so excited when they asked us to plan their honeymoon, and even more excited that we could help make their dream come true.

We knew this couldn’t be just any ordinary trip. It needed to be the most exciting, memorable and magical journey to Mount Kilimanjaro ever. This meant choosing the best of everything, and finding extraordinary surprises for Erica and Michele to uncover along the way.

We found the perfect team to take Erica and Michele trekking to the very top of Mount Kilimanjaro where they experienced a breath-taking, heart-stopping view like no other. We also found perfect and unexpected surprises including lunch at The Rock Restaurant, a restaurant on top of an ocean rock in Zanzibar, and the chance for Erica and Michele to do what everyone should do when they visit the soulful Stone Town – get lost wandering the windy cobblestone streets, exploring the bustling bazaars and admiring the eclectic architecture.

We also made sure that there was plenty of time for Erica and Michele to relax and soak everything up after their climb of a lifetime.

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