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Family vacation for Christmas

Family vacation for Christmas: surprise them with the best present ever!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: the adorned trees, shiny lights and long-awaited presents… yes, the same presents that make your children all excited when they open them and then are likely to be forgotten in a corner one month later.

So why not turn the tables and surprise them with a family vacation for Christmas? Let us explain you why they will remember a present like this forever…

Why a family vacation for Christmas is better than a present

We all own so many objects already, and we receive just as many as Christmas presents… but what science found out is that material gifts don’t make us as happy as experiential ones.

The reasons are simple and straight.

First of all, we get used to material objects faster than we do with experiences. And adaptation is the number 1 enemy of happiness! Now you understand why those expensive toys you bought for your children last Christmas went back into their boxes so fast…

The second reason why experiences, like a family vacation for Christmas, make us happier is that they’re unique so they can’t be unfavorably compared. Each one of them will be remembered with excitement forever! In addition to this, during an experience you are naturally engaged and focused: being in the flow makes you feel happier in an almost magical way – can you recall how good you felt during your last holiday?

Another great feature of wrapping a family vacation as a Christmas present is that it will activate anticipation – and the pleasure that comes with it. Material gifts give your children instant gratification that quickly fades, but what happens in case of an experiential one? The wait for pleasure is pleasure itself!

Last but not least: a family vacation for Christmas allows all of you to spend some quality time together, sharing a unique adventure that all of you will eternally treasure. Isn’t that already the best present you could ask for?

How to gift your family with a vacation for Christmas

There are many different ways to give your children and spouse a family vacation… we’ve already suggested you a few creative ideas in a previous article about surprise holidays, but there’s more that you can do.

You can get a new suitcase or backpack (you will bring them with you anyway!) and fill it with travel-related objects. Themed pajamas, pre-trip movies to watch before leaving, activities to do all together… everything must be related to the family vacation you’re about to embark on.

And if you want to be thrilled as much as your children, then forget about ordinary family vacations for this Christmas: choose to be surprised!

Your surprise travel agency (us, for example!) will take care of everything – yes, even the destination. You will receive 10 envelopes that will guide you through your tailor-made adventure of a lifetime, unveiling it little by little. It’s the best way to keep the excitement levels high until the very last moment of your holiday… and extend the most wonderful time of the year!

Contact us and make your children incredibly happy with a family vacation for Christmas – we can’t wait to design your unforgettable journey!

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