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Martina & Federica

11 Days - 1 Countries - 5 Destinations

Even though they live in different cities, Martina and Federica are a pair of fun-loving sisters who share the same love of travelling and sense of adventure. We created the ultimate vacation for the two of them, proving that blind experiences aren’t just for couples! With eleven days to fill with surprises, we made sure that every moment counted.

Where better for these two sisters to bond and make memories they’ll never forget? The wondrous and diverse island country of Madagascar!

We sent Martina and Federica from Paris to Madagascar and back again – with endless fun in between. With incredible natural scenery from rainforests to deserts to mountains and canyons, as well as native plants and animals and bountiful culture, Madagascar is the perfect destination for travellers like Martina and Federica seeking outdoor adventure.

Our surprises for these adventurous sisters included riding a pirogue amongst the whales, and enjoying a picnic on Kam Kelly Island. Martina and Federica also got to experience a once-in-a-lifetime baobab sunset at the unique Bakuba Lodge, and glamping at the Mandare River Camp, where they found the best of both local culture and wildlife.

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