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Sabrina & Pierpaolo

21 Days - 3 Countries - 9 Destinations

Our gorgeous December bride, Sabrina, has a traveller’s soul. She loves travelling to the ends of the earth and finding new places to explore. Now, there’s nothing she loves more than travelling to far off places with her new husband and most loyal companion by her side. It’s not hard to see how much Pierpaolo loves Sabrina and how far he would travel to be by her side. We were so thrilled to be able to plan a trip that would wow them both.

Our only instructions were: Indochina. From there, they wanted everything to be a huge surprise. Our favourite kind of planning!

Leaving from their home city of Rome, we sent Sabrina and Pierpaolo to Asia, starting in bountiful Thailand. Their first stop was the busy city of Bangkok.

Next up was Chiang Rai, a quiet city in Northern Thailand rich in natural beauty. Sabrina and Pierpaolo explored the remote hills and spotted exotic flora and fauna.

We’re glad that Sabrina and Pierpaolo don’t get seasick because we had plenty of cruise surprises planned for them both. We sent Sabrina and Pierpaolo on a cruise along the Mekong River and another cruise in Halong Bay in Vietnam. We also surprised Sabrina and Pierpaolo with a cruise to the secluded island paradise of Koh Lipe, where they swam in pristine waters and spent some time relaxing.

Sabrina and Pierpaolo also visited the UNESCO heritage listed city of Luang Prabang in Laos, surrounded by breathtaking mountains. Here they got to experience true Laotian culture, and see incredible sights of both natural wonders and ancient architecture.

They also got to see the idyllic green valleys and caves of Ninh Binh and experience the history and culture of Hanoi.

Finally, our blind itinerary surprised Sabrina and Pierpaolo with a stop in the opulent city of Dubai before flying back home to Rome.

“Ormai siamo Blind addicted!! Ogni giorno spero di svegliarmi con una busta! Grazie infinitamente per tutto. L’organizzazione è stata impeccabile e non abbiamo mai avuto problemi solo grandi esperienze"

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