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Surprise Travel Agency

Our Philosophy

Surprise is the key to a luxury Blind Experience that will make your journey and memories last a lifetime.

Our philosophy sees Surprise as the secret ingredient for our best memories and a new way of seeing the world.


Indeed Surprises can make a big difference in the way we experience life around us, is a unique way that introduces the traveller to different perspectives, makes them connect with people and places, and breaks down preconceived ideas and prejudices.


Our approach in guiding traveller’s expectations gives us this rare opportunity to make them focus on what really matters when traveling and that is living moments connected with Nature, locals, listening, learning and respecting the environment.


We have a dream and a long-term vision to bring that sense of adventure, great appreciation of the “environment” and self-development to the Travel Industry through a new way of exploring the world; by Being Surprised!

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