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Feeling Surprised!

"If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done"

Thomas Jefferson

Feeling surprised? Find out what’s behind this powerful emotion!

Would you be surprised if we told you that surprise is not simply a feeling of astonishment? It’s much more complex than that – and it’s been studied by researchers and psychologists. Blind Experiences, as a surprise travel agency, couldn’t miss the chance to look into this fascinating mechanism.

​We decided to share our findings with you because – who knows – maybe you’ll be our next mystery traveler! Read through the article then, and find out what happens when you feel surprised. You will understand why you should welcome surprise into your life with open arms. Maybe thanks to one of our holidays!

​Why are you surprised?

​Surprise is a reaction you experience when you walk into an unexpected or misexpected event.

So the starting point is what you expect to happen in everyday situations – what you’re used to. If something unexpected happens – or if it happens in a way you didn’t foresee, that’s when you experience surprise.

​The intensity and duration of the feeling depend on the degree of surprise, which in turn depends on how different the event is from your frame of mind.

​When you feel surprised, you forget about everything else: you plug into the moment and your attention is completely focused on it. This allows you to have a deeper experience in the present, living it to the fullest.

That’s why we decided to introduce this element in our vacations: we didn’t want to be just the average travel agency… we preferred to be a surprise travel agency, and to craft holidays that would allow our travellers to live the present moment with all of themselves.

As you can see by now, surprise is more complicated than you might think and, whenever it comes into your life, it makes you go through a series of stages. Let’s find out more!

​The surprise sequence

​So what happens exactly when you feel surprised? The researchers call it “surprise sequence”: a series of stages that shape your experience and reaction.

​#1 Freeze

​The very first moment you experience surprise, there’s a spike in your brain waves because all of your cognitive resources pull attention to the object of surprise. The result, on the outside, is a goofy but genuine facial expression that researchers eloquently call “duh face”. No need for explanations!

This is what happens right at the beginning of our vacations, when the couple or family opens the first envelope at the airport and finds out the destination of the journey. “Duh face” for everyone!

​#2 Find

​Then, right after that very first moment, our travellers usually burst with joy. Why? Because they go through the second stage, where you analyze the object of surprise. The brain goes quickly through a broad range of thoughts and questions in order to understand the event and have a coherent emotional reaction. Of course you don’t even notice that, but think about it: how do you “decide” whether to be happy or angry after something unexpected happens?

Luckily, all of our past adventurers were extremely happy with the destinations we picked for their mystery travel… well, that’s one of the perks of having someone craft a bespoke holiday for you.

​#3 Shift

​If being surprised means that your expectations are unmet, you might as well change your frame of mind at some point – so that you’re not constantly surprised anymore. In order to do that, you need a shift in your internal schemata. And how does that happen? With the sum of many tiny surprises that cause as many tiny shifts beneath the surface.

Don’t see it as a negative thing. Imagine yourself traveling to a place you’ve never been before and getting to know a completely new environment and culture. In the beginning everything will feel like a surprise to you, then you’ll get acquainted and, finally, you will feel enriched.

​#4 Share

​The fourth and last stage of the surprise sequence is all about sharing. You do that because surprise is actually exhausting for your brain, and you get relieved by sharing. Well, of course you also do that to create stronger connections with others and to tell interesting stories – which often hide behind surprises. The latter is certainly the case for our travellers, that venture together and then can’t help but share their holiday highlights with friends and family members.

​Imagine how you would feel if you allowed surprise into your life more often: you would be able to be completely present in the moment, and to live life in the flow.

If you wish to have a taste of it, you could start with a surprise trip – we will plan the whole thing, you only need to get ready to be surprised!

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