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Blind Experiences joins The Transformational Travel Council

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We are pleased to announce that BlindExperiences has become an Ally of the Transformational Travel Council.

What is Transformational travel? 

Transformational Travel (TT) is more than just a feeling or a moment. It is more than that flush of happiness and wonder that comes from a special experience and connection.

Transformational travel is intentionally travelling to stretch, learn and grow into new ways of being and engaging with the world.

Travel joins other catalysts for personal transformation and new lifestyle choices, from family and relationships to life events, personal health, etc. To be further explored, travel can be catalytic in a handful of areas: relationships, ecological footprint, consumer and travel choices, social purpose and philanthropic commitments, lifestyle and time management choices, and mindful, contemplative practice.

When we leave home and set out on our own, there are often 3 critical parts of a truly life-altering adventure:

  • Travelling with intention, openness, and mindfulness

  • Engaging in challenging physical and/or cultural experiences 

  • Taking time for personal reflection & meaning-making

Our goal is to help bring these 3 elements together to radically increase the likelihood of you having a life-changing travel experience. 


We help travellers looking for a more meaningful adventure as well as provide them with access to experiences and accommodation providers who embody and incorporate these principals into their foundation.


Joining the Transformational Travel Council is our commitment to bringing a higher consciousness to travel.


We’re heart-centered, sharp and driven to collaborate with travel and hospitality companies around the world in building a more ethical, emotional, equitable, and ecological travel industry.

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