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"Take me there!" Blind Legacy

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

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During the pandemic Blind Experiences got creative and our new Blind Legacy travel concept was born. Designed for a child and an adult to spend a very special bonding time together, cementing their relationship and sharing experiences and memories that will last a lifetime, a legacy trip can be for a weekend, a week or just a few days. What matters is the chance to focus on just doing things together.

Transformational Travel Experiences

Hide out at the Treehotel

Deep in Swedish Lapland there’s a hotel in the trees that’s a perfect hideaway for big adventures. If you ever dreamed of building a treehouse as a kid, then the Treehotel is the place to bring your little one for a high-concept stay, that will fire their imagination and encourage their love of nature.

Each mind blowing ‘tree room’ has been designed by one of Scandinavia’s leading architects and is suspended between 4 and 10 metres above the ground, between the trees.There's a mirror cube, a bird’s nest, a Blue Cone (that’s really red!) and a UFO!

Family Travel Tips

Luxury Honeymoon Packages

All guests can eat and hang out at a central guest house. At the Treehotel nature, ecological values, comfort and modern design are combined with lots of outdoor activities.

Honeymoon Trip Package

Depending on how the grown-up and child have filled in the carefully curated Blind Experiences survey, a magical mixture of hands-on adventures will be ready and waiting for them to share. In the winter these could include horse riding, dogsledding, ice fishing, forest spa and ice dining or a river hot tub. Of course the Treehotel is the perfect place to experience the northern lights phenomenon and the aurora borealis can be seen from the rooms, the jacuzzi or from a special guided tour in the forest.

Romantic Vacation Packages

Stay in a secret pod in the Swiss Alps.

Dusted with fresh snow, the small huddle of white geodesic domes which clinging to the mountainside at Whitepod, look like they could be the super cool lair of a James Bond villain - but in fact they are the rooms of a eco hotel in the Swiss canton of Valais,

Each pod comes with a wood-burning stove and an en-suite bathroom and there are no cars on site, so it’s very kid-friendly.

Couple Honeymoon Packages

In winter this place is a wonderful base for a ski themed Blind Legacy as Whitepod manages its own ski slopes exclusively for its guests. Shared excursions could include snowshoeing trails, a sauna, dog sledding, escape games, paragliding and much more - but the exact combination depends on the unique itinerary Bind Experiences will create to make the very most of and adult and child’s precious time away together, without the distractions of work, school, and the rest of the family. The happy pair will come away refreshed by the pure Swiss air and with memories of fun times spent together at Whitepod and curated by Blind Experiences.


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