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“Take me there!” - Dream family trip

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Family Trip Planner

Families can’t wait to get back together again and share good times with each other. Thanks to the pandemic mums, dads, kids, sisters, brothers, grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins have either been shut up in the house for long stretches together or kept utterly apart. There’s now a huge demand for big multi generational family trips which allow us to have fun and relax with our nearest and dearest. Families want to spend real quality time together, sharing adventures and experiences that will make up for all those precious moments lost to the pandemic. So why not throw in some extra elements we’ve all been missing: spontaneity and surprise?!

Blind Experiences will design surprise adventures to delight every member of a family - from a classic weekend reunion to a once-in-a-lifetime trip for all the grandkids. Here are some of our favourite family suggestions:

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Photo credit: Cottars Safaris / Valorie Darling

Safari - Cottars 1920s camp

A Kenya wildlife safari holiday offers an amazing opportunity for families to get away from the crowds and connect not only with nature, but also each other. 5 generations of the same family have run Cottars 1920’s Camp and they know exactly how to entertain multi generation groups. There’s room for everyone at the luxurious Bush Villa. The 10,000-square-foot retreat comes with a dedicated staff of eight, a private guide and your own game drive vehicle.

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Photo credit: Cottars Safaris

Activities at Cottars are tailored to not only give guests the most genuine African safari experiences, but focus on local culture and impact activities that contribute to sustainability and the Masai Mara ecosystem. Kids and grown-ups can join the famous Maasai Warrior School, visit pangolin and vulture projects, disperse seeds to help reforestation, take a foraging dining experience or spend half a day with the Mara elephant project.

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Photo credit: Cottars Safaris / Chris & Hannah Purves

Of course Blind Experiences will arrange an array of extra surprises, such as a balloon ride over the Masai Mara, to ensure the whole family comes home feeling like pride of lion kings!

Glamping in Galapagos -

There’s glamping and then there’s staying in a beautiful safari tent on the islands where the sheer range of isolated species inspired Charles Darwin’s groundbreaking Theory of Evolution. For families who love nature and the outdoor life this trip is not only the ultimate camping adventure in otherworldly landscapes, but quite an education too!

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Stay at the family run Galapagos Safari Camp in a few, or all of the nine luxury tents on Santa Cruz island. There’s also a larger family suite. With a pool, boat and beach excursions and a creative kids club, Galapagos Safari camp was created with families in mind and has been listed as one of The 18 Best Family Summer Vacations to Take by Conde Nast Traveler, and called a ‘kid proof’ destination by Town and Country. Founder Stephanie Bonham-Carter says,

“Our aim is to provide experiences, amenities and service that make life easier for children, parents and grandparents. Many families view our camp as a home away from home.”

Surprise Trip Planner

A Blind Experiences trip will evolve quickly to reveal extra treats and surprises to delight each member of the family, from a once in a lifetime diving adventure, lunch on an uninhabited island or even an extension visit for the whole family to volcanic Isabella island, exploring the huge caldera of the Sierra Negra volcano, swimming with penguins and baby white-tipped sharks at the tiny islands of Las Tintoreras turquoise reefs, or snorkelling in the volcanic labyrinths of Los Túneles spotting seahorses and sea cucumbers.


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