Are you looking for alternative honeymoon ideas that can boost the beginning of your married life? Then you’re definitely in the right (secret) place!

We know that planning a wedding is not easy – it takes time, energy and sometimes it can drive you crazy. You strive to find the perfect location, the best dress ever, an original theme for the party, then match it with the right colors and flowers, choose the music, food, party favors that your guests won’t recycle as Christmas gifts for their old aunt – basically, you want your Big Day to be unforgettable, both for you and your family. And it will be, for sure. But you will absolutely need a holiday to recover from all the planning – and heavy partying, too!

That’s where the honeymoon moves into the picture. You don’t want it to turn into another source of stress, though – that’s why you should look for alternative honeymoon ideas!

Which alternative honeymoon idea you should choose – and why

It’s hard to be original when it comes to honeymoons. Yes, you could pick an unusual destination or select thrilling activities to share with your loved one, but it would be on you – again.
It can actually be fun to plan a trip, but do you know what can be even funnier?
Let the trip surprise you.

You surely love presents. We all do. The feeling you get when you unwrap the gift, trying to guess what it could be. The thrill of getting exactly what you wanted – and without even knowing you wanted it! Surprise presents are the best ones, aren’t they?
So just imagine how exciting it would be to have a surprise vacation, waiting for you right after your amazing wedding day. And you won’t have to lift a finger – someone else is going to do all the dirty work for you.

I bet you can’t find a better one, among all the possible alternative honeymoon ideas!

How a surprise vacation will make your honeymoon unique

A surprise travel is not only a trip with unknown destination. It’s a journey in the journey. It’s a way to turn your honeymoon into something really unique – not only for the places you’re going to visit, but also for the feelings you will experience in the process.

Honeymoons are usually romantic, relaxing, intimate… all very beautiful, but it can get a little boring at some point.
Imagine a different scenario for your honeymoon: until the very last minute you don’t know where you’re heading to, and you will unwrap your trip little by little, location after location, experience after experience.  In a surprise travel there’s no room for boredom: excitement and happiness will be your only travel mates – together with your lovely brand-new-spouse, of course!


You deserve the best for your wedding – and after it. Don’t focus only on impressing your guests with the best ceremony ever: impress yourself too, because you deserve it! Among all the alternative honeymoon ideas, a surprise travel is the most unique experience you could share with your loved one.

How would you feel about embarking on this adventure of a lifetime?