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Highlights of 2021 - Part 1

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

January is that month when we usually trace an outline of the year that has just passed. 2021 has been a year like no other. At the start of the year, we weren’t at all sure what the future would hold, but we never stopped dreaming. Now we are super busy with bookings for our bespoke surprise trips as it already looks like an exciting and upbeat 2022!

The year kicked off with Damon & Alexandria’s Blind honeymoon in Costa Rica. There’s nothing like the Pura Vida!

Then vaccines became available, with the potential to open up the world to travel again.

But by March we were wondering if we would need Vaccine Passports?

In June we decided to make it easier for clients to pay for their trips by accepting cryptocurrency!

June was also the moment when we saw how our legacy trips were taking on a very special meaning as we came out of global lockdowns - the opportunity to spend quality time rebuilding and strengthening relationships between adults and children.

Michela & Vitoria, Marco & Stella and Luca, Federica, Stella, Giorgia & Andrea were just some of the happy families who shared a Blind Legacy.

One of July’s highlights was a great chat with Zak from Big Mongolia about GLBTQIA+ travel

Check out our highlights in more detail on our Blog posts and Insta account @BlindExperiences

And watch for the second half of our year highlights!

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