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"Take me there" - on honeymoon

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

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Now that we can travel across the whole world again we are spending this month dreaming of all the secret places around the globe that we love the most. We have been comparing the hot travel spots and experiences that will make our hearts skip a beat in 2022. These are our current favourite honeymoon destinations - but the exact magical mix of each trip remains a surprise - because that’s the beauty of travelling with Blind Experiences!

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The Maldives

Blue, blue sea and blue, blue sky. The island resorts of The Maldives conjure up images of picture-perfect private villas suspended over azure blue waters, the whitest of white beaches, swaying palm trees and striking ocean sunsets. It’s one of the most romantic destinations in the world, perfect for honeymooners who require indulgence and privacy. The Maldives are made up of 1,190 coral islands that form an archipelago of 26 major atolls, only 200 of these islands are inhabited, most of these islands host just one private resort.

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A Blind Experiences vacation to the Maldives means total seclusion and of course our commitment to sustainable travel that gives back through our membership of regenerative travel association The Long Run. For example Six Senses Laamu combines all the barefoot luxury you’d expect with a strong commitment to conservation, environmental responsibility, and local culture. It’s the only resort in the southern Maldives’ Laamu Atoll and boasts a huge range of wellness and water based experiences, including a ten-minute boat ride to a manta ray cleaning station, scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing days out.

A surprise honeymoon in paradise!

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For a tranquil and culturally immersive place to spend a romantic and enlightening honeymoon, Blind Experiences can think of nowhere better than the last Shangri-La, the Land of Thunder Dragon, the country with the highest level of gross national happiness, fiercely independent and culturally rich: it can only be Bhutan. This mountainous Himalayan nation conjures up dreams of mysticism and adventure.

Even the most seasoned travellers consider it a privilege to visit Bhutan and it is certainly one of the greenest destinations on earth, a global biodiversity hotspots with a commitment to only sustainable tourism. The country boasts many beautiful hotels with an emphasis on mindfulness, beauty, healing and harmony with nature.

As the last bastion of Vajrayana Buddhism, one of Bhutan’s big attractions are the sacred monasteries that sit precariously on sheer cliffs and the fluttering prayer flags that line the high ridges are famed the world over. And if you are lucky enough to visit during one of the many festivals, held on auspicious days and months in the Bhutanese calendar, expect a cultural bonanza of highly stylised dance rituals, masks and music.

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Blind Experiences honeymoons come with very personalised touches, such as a private session with the Astrologist to the Bhutanese Royal Family. Astronomy plays a huge role in daily life in Bhutan, with days deemed to be divinely ‘auspicious’ or ‘inauspicious’. Or try your hand at the national sport of archery, with top tips from a crack shot from the Royal household.

May every day on honeymoon in Bhutan be totally auspicious with Blind Experiences!


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