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Where to travel after Coronavirus: turn the crisis into opportunity

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Many of us are using fantasy to escape quarantine through questions such as “Where to travel after Coronavirus?”. As a surprise travel agency, it’s our job to wonder the same, but today we want to give you different food for thought. What if you asked yourself not “where” but how” to travel after Coronavirus?

When and where to travel after Coronavirus

Let’s face the truth: trying to understand when traveling will be possible again is pure speculation. It would mean that we know when the Covid-19 emergency will be over – but no one really knows. As you saw in the last weeks and months, everywhere in the world the situation changes so fast that there’s no way to know in advance when it will be over. Another thing to consider is that different destinations might recover from the emergency at different times.

Which probably leads you to the next question, that is: “Where to travel after Coronavirus?”. What the tourism industry supposes – and we agree – is that local travel will be the first to recover. It will be safer to spend our holidays close to home and to move by car or train instead of jumping on a plane. Not only, though: it will also be a positive choice for our communities, wherever we are from. Staycations will help the local economy to get back on track, and will strengthen the bond between us and our own country or region.

Compared to the past, not only we will go on holiday to different destinations, but we will embark on those adventures with a different attitude… or at least that’s what we hope for!

How will travel change when Covid-19 will be over?

Here at Blind Experiences, we are well aware of all the practical changes that will happen in our journeys. Whether it is wearing masks and gloves, carrying hand sanitizer, going through health checks, and social distancing on planes and tourist attractions. What we want to talk about, though, is much deeper – it’s a change in perspective.

As Einstein once said: “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity”. Coronavirus caused a huge crisis, that’s true, but it paves the way for an equally huge opportunity. The opportunity to be 100% present during your next trip, because you understand that traveling is a privilege and an extremely meaningful experience. The opportunity to visit “old” places in your home country and see them with new eyes, discovering hidden treasures you didn’t know about (and, in this, agencies like Blind Experiences are a precious support). The opportunity to opt for quality-oriented tourism, where you really focus on the value of the destination, the culture, the overall experience. Mass tourism will – hopefully – back down in favor of a more sustainable way of traveling.

Maybe it’s time to take better care of this beautiful planet we live in. We’re convinced that the travel industry can play a big part in this trend, guiding travelers towards a more conscious and considerate way of exploring the attractions that surround them.

There’s one thing we feel like suggesting you, from the bottom of our hearts: don’t focus on where to travel after Coronavirus. Give importance to everything else instead, starting from the feeling of awe you get when traveling. We will be by your side then, as we’ve always been.


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