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Staycation and Coronavirus: rediscover the beauty of your country

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

We’re living in a time of uncertainty, with the whole world united in a new and surreal experience. We are all locked in our houses, looking out the window and wondering when things will go back to normal.

A lot of you (us!) had to give up on their travel plans, but probably one of the most widespread thoughts is something like: “I can’t wait for this to be over so that I can start traveling again”.

Well, we can say two things for sure: the first one is that the emergency will be over and the restrictions of these months will become just a memory. The second one is that staycations and Coronavirus will go arm in arm in the future.

How are staycation and Coronavirus connected?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines the staycation as “a holiday that you take at home or near your home rather than traveling to another place”.

Coronavirus is forcing all of us to stay inside, but how different would it feel if we dealt with this not as an obligation but as a staycation? We’re not saying that you should ignore the reason why you’re self-isolating in your apartment: it would be impossible and detached from reality. What we mean is that the way you look at things – and act consequently – generates a very different overall feeling. You have the power to transform your days at home in a real staycation and the privilege to somehow enjoy the time you’ve been given.

When the Coronavirus emergency will be over, remember how much you missed the streets of your hometown. The walks on the beach or in the mountains, 20 minutes from where you live. The historical monuments or the beautiful museums that are just next door and you’ve never visited. The dinner at that typical restaurant in the city next to yours. Remember all this: that’s the value of a staycation.

Rediscover your roots with a staycation

The world is full of eager adventurers who wish to explore faraway places and different cultures. They tend to forget how charming and valuable their home-country is, attracted by exotic destinations. That’s totally understandable, but what we noticed is that Coronavirus and quarantine, as absurd as it may sound, are making all of us more conscious about the importance of connecting with our own culture, our own attractions, our own cities and lands.

As you probably know, Blind Experiences is an Italian agency. We love our nation but, just like everyone else, we have the tendency to take it for granted. Coronavirus and stillness are helping us realize how many hidden gems our country has to offer. We are rediscovering the worth of landscapes and monuments that surround us.

And we’re feeling that desire, that urge to look closer, dig deeper, travel more in our own country, as soon as this whole thing is over. Maybe hopping on a car and driving to our neighbor regions, or exploring that town we heard about when we were in school, but we always neglected because a tropical island was calling us.

A staycation, after Coronavirus, is what we all need: to go in search of our roots, to get to know our culture – and ourselves – better, to fall in love with our own countries once again and more than ever.

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