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Getting to know you: the secret ingredient of Blind Experiences

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

A few articles ago, we introduced the three surprise makers behind Blind Experiences – Chiara, Fabio and Andrea. Then we exactly explained how the making of a surprise vacation works, so that you know what to expect when you embark on such an unpredictable adventure.

Now, we want to go beyond all this and unveil the secret ingredient of any surprise travel designed by Blind Experiences…

The secret ingredient of Blind Experiences

…and the ingredient is: you!

Yes: you are the center of our work, you are the people around which all of our planning revolves, you are the ones we want to leave speechless through a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

How can we make sure that we are creating the absolute best tailor made journey for you, you wonder? Well, we mainly use three tools:

  1. Our carefully-created questionnaire

  2. Skype calls with you

  3. Conversations with your relatives and friends

Let’s dig deeper into them!

How we get to know you: the questionnaire

Through the questionnaire, that you can fill in directly on our website, we go from scratching the surface to deeper questions. The first ones are pretty practical: we need to know things like the city you want to fly from, the ideal duration of your trip and your budget. Then we move to more personal ones, like your dream destinations, the kind of trip you wish to have and the things you absolutely don’t want to do.

At the beginning of our activity as surprise travel agents, the questions were much more general. Now we want to reach a depth of knowledge of you that allows us to really surprise you – for example, making sure you get your favorite drink upon arrival at the first hotel after a long haul flight! Wouldn’t it be amazing?

How we get to know you: the calls

Right after the questionnaire, we are going to have the first video call together. It’s an essential moment for us: not only will we gather more detailed information about you, but we will also meet you in person – well, virtually, but we still love it! The main topic of our call will be your past travel experiences: we want to understand exactly what are the things you still remember and what are those that you would like to forget. This is crucial to craft the right experience for you!

Talking to your relatives and friends will provide us with a different point of view on who you are – besides giving us the chance to meet those who will be our secret allies on this adventure!

What we need from you

Our process underwent a lot of improvements throughout the years, but right now we’re sure that it gives us a pretty accurate picture of you – and you will see it yourself, while enjoying unusual and luxury accommodations, immersing yourself in nature or culinary experiences and relaxing on a pristine beach or in a gorgeous spa.

The only thing we need from you is that you’re 100% honest and clear about your likes and dislikes, about the things that are not so relevant to you and those you dream of.

Getting to know the real “you” is our main secret ingredient, without which the recipe of our surprise travel wouldn’t be the same. We can’t wait to meet you… what about you?


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