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Get to know the surprise makers behind Blind Experiences!

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

If you’re here, you probably already know – and love – Blind Experiences. But do you know who’s responsible for all of those travel adventures and surprises?

Get to know the three minds behind it: here’s to you the founders of Blind Experiences – Chiara (C), Fabio (F) and Andrea (A)!

What do you do for Blind Experiences?

C: Co-Founder & COO

F: A bit of everything but if I must highlight a couple of aspects I would say the finance/tech part and the Travel Industry knowledge. I have set up the current site, I manage the accounts and having worked in travel for 20 years I bring to the table the insider knowledge.

A: I play the role behind the scenes of something which could be defined as Creative Director, picking inspiring destinations to create memorable stories and finding best flight connections to reduce the time traveling while maximizing the time experiencing…

How was Blind Experiences born?

C: The idea was born out of love and friendship. In 2013, our best friends announced they were about to get married. We decided to give them something that would surprise and challenge them and be meaningful to our friendship. So, we agreed to organize their honeymoon, but one with a key difference – it would be a Blind Honeymoon! They would know nothing about which places they would visit nor where they would stay or the activities they would undertake, until they arrived at the various destinations we had selected. To ensure we could plan the perfect trip we sent them a questionnaire about their passions, hobbies and past travelling experiences, and then asked three simple but very important questions: which continent they’d like to visit, which time of year they wanted to go, and how much money they wanted to spend. With this information we set out to organize what would become the first of many Blind Honeymoons. Since then our business has expanded into Blind Experiences to cover luxury escapes and family vacations – but the spirit of surprise remains the same.

Describe Blind Experiences in three words.

C: Immersive Traveling Experiences

F: Exciting, memorable, unique

A: Surprise… Surprise… Surprise…

What’s the thing you love the most about Blind Experiences?

C: Happiness is only real when shared, they say… and it’s true! I love traveling so much that I love creating memories for others too, ensuring they get to feel enriched as much as I do when on a discovering mode! I also love the versatility: we can really craft our travel experiences based on who is willing to let it go and gives us the key to surprise them!

F: That look in the face of the customers when they open the letters… priceless.

A: What I really love is that what drives the core team’s motivation is all about making our travelers happier, making every experience memorable, fitting to their hobbies and passions, putting attention to every detail…

What do you love more about traveling?

C: It gives me the opportunity to change perspective every single time I travel, it is an essential part of my life for my own evolution and self development!

F: Everything… what is not to love. It’s the best positive energy, life enriching thing we can do in our lifetime.

A: Getting out of the daily routine and awakening all my senses to the present and the external world, getting out of my comfort zone and absorbing the surroundings…

What’s your favorite place in the world?

C: On the sofa, on Friday night, cuddling up with my husband and children while watching a cartoon!

F: It’s like asking which is your favourite child… How can you ask me something like that?

A: That one I haven’t been… yet… but will get there soon…

What’s your favourite surprise travel among the ones you’ve designed by now?

C: That’s a hard one! I actually love them all!

F: Julian and Ella… that video when they opened the first envelopes almost brings tears to my eyes.

A: The one closer to my heart goes back to 2007… 07/07/07… when I organized my first surprise trip for my future wife, Chiara, and I asked her to marry me in front of Petra façade on the night when Petra was declared one of the New 7 Wonders of the World… a memorable coincidence and first feeling of how a Surprise Trip can generate incredible memories.

What’s the travel that you really wish to design soon?

C: Bhutan! It’s an incredible country that I can’t wait our Blind wanderers to discover together!

F: Arctic expedition…

A: I wish I could be surprised by future travellers’ brief with something crazy and unusual about desires and passions, which could unleash the most memorable travel design!

Now that you know them better, there’s only one thing you should do: contact Blind Experiences and let them design the best journey of your life!


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