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Family travel: 5 interesting facts you didn’t know (until now)

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

“There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots; the other, wings.” (Hodding Carter)

And what could work better than exploring the world with your kids, to give them those wings? If you know us, you also know that we are big fans of family travel – for a whole lot of reasons. Today we want to share with you a few of them, in the form of 5 facts that you’re probably not aware of but that make that kind of journeys extremely powerful.

1. The power of memory

A recent survey by Lonely Planet showed that almost 70% of parents take their children on vacation where they went when they were young. When planning a family travel, memories play a big role – maybe because it’s easier to go back to a place that you somehow already know, or maybe for the pleasure to share those travel remembrances with your kids.

Whatever the reason is, going there on holiday will build new, shared memories that you can recall later in the years!

2. Beach, mountains or city break?

According to the same survey, 25% of parents prefer beach destinations for their family trips. Good weather, the possibility for the kids to play and have fun while the adults relax, and swimming among beautiful sea creatures are certainly a key for this preference.

But don’t forget to take the opportunity and immerse yourselves in the culture that hosts you all. Do you agree with this family trend or you prefer taking your kids to the mountains?

3. Give them space

Although planning your next family travel on your own while the children are asleep is tempting and probably faster, it wouldn’t be as fun and forward-looking.

You have to know that letting them speak their mind can completely change their attitude throughout the journey. Contributing to the program of the holiday will make them enjoy every side of it more and complain less about the parts they usually hate, like transfers for example. Try and you’ll see it’s true!

4. Family travel is the best teacher

Exploring new places, getting in touch with different cultures and languages, seeing with their own eyes the monuments they studied at school… all this opens their minds and – believe it or not – improves their relationship with school and study.

They will be more willing to understand the history of the places they visited or perhaps they’ll want to learn a new language. Whatever it is, one thing is sure: family travel will have a positive impact on that area of their lives.

5. Traveling strengthens family bonds

You might have often heard words like “quality time”, right? Well, the time spent traveling with your family is probably the highest possible quality that you can get. While on vacation, you don’t feel the pressure of everyday life and you have the chance to really be present in the moment, together with your children.

Also, being out of your comfort zone means that you have to trust each other for support in atypical situations. As a result, your intimacy and bonding will get even better than it currently is – even though you think there’s no room for improvement.

It might be a Christmas vacation, a multigenerational travel or a family moon, but make sure your family holiday is unforgettable. For example, you could opt for a surprise holiday… and in that case we’re ready to plan it for you!

picture credits by our friends and partner – PixAroundyou!


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