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Sustainable tourism: when traveling is caring

As avid travelers and as surprise travel agents, we at Blind Experiences care a lot about sustainable tourism. You’ve probably often heard words like “sustainable” or “eco-friendly”, in the last months or years, haven’t you? Sometimes they pop up just because they are trendy, but they could mean a lot if every person who pronounces them actually did something in that direction.

We are aware that we’re only a small organization, but we strongly believe that every contribution is essential to the cause of sustainability. And if we are able to inspire even one single traveler to be more careful on his next trips, we will feel proud and we’ll know that everything we did was worth it.

Someone once said: “If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito!” – we couldn’t agree more. Don’t you also think that it’s incredibly true?

Sustainable tourism vs mass tourism

Sustainable travel is a way of discovering a destination while respecting the people who live there, the traditional culture and local economy, as well as the environment. All these components are crucial when it comes to sustainability – but unfortunately not all of them are taken into account in the travel industry.

More and more people decide to explore the world, but most of them are mass tourists. Unlike sustainable tourism, the main goal of mass tourism is to generate income that rarely nourishes the country. You can always pick your side, though: don’t litter, support the local shops and restaurants, comply with the cultural habits and customs… and you’ll be a perfect, sustainable traveler.

Being sustainable means being respectful, in every possible way: that’s what we also aim to do with our unforgettable surprise vacations.

The importance of sustainability for Blind Experiences

We are well aware of the importance of sustainability, and we are lucky enough to work with clients that have just the same sensitivity.

Each destination we choose, each local partner we work with, each unique resort we pick –  all of them are pioneers in sustainability practices and responsible travel. Even the travel insurance is attentively selected: we use World Nomads, which includes a donation that goes directly to development project for the global community.

We want to be more and more involved in sustainable tourism, though: that’s why we are planning to join The Long Run movement as affiliate members. The Long Run, as they say, is an “organization of nature-based tourism businesses committed to driving sustainability”: how can we not be part of such a precious project?

Another goal we have is to be as environmental friendly as possible: that’s why we are looking for the most sustainable company in the travel industry, in terms of offsetting the CO2 emissions of the flights taken by our honeymooners and families.

Every single drop in the ocean counts – in the same way, we believe that every single traveler can make a positive impact during his journeys. Are you with us? Then contact us and let’s start planning your sustainable vacation!


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