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Adventure honeymoon for energetic couples: are you up for it?

The first vacation as newlyweds is something you will remember forever. Why not make it even more unforgettable with a tailor made adventure honeymoon? If you’re an energetic couple who is seeking a combination between luxury and adrenaline, this option is perfect for you.

And Blind Experiences can help you make this dream come true…

Why you should go on an adventure honeymoon

Who said that honeymoons are only about relaxing on a pristine beach? Of course you can do it for part of the time, but there are several reasons why you could prefer an adventure honeymoon instead of a traditional one. Here’s the top three:

  1. You are an active and lively couple, who can’t stand the idea of sitting still for days.

  2. Adventure is an important part of life and especially marriage: this kind of honeymoon can be interpreted as a symbol of it.

  3. You like to get out of your comfort zone: in the end, this is what adventure honeymoons are about… it’s not necessary to go wild. Unless you want to, of course.

Let’s suppose you do want to “go crazy”. Have you ever imagined the activities you might experience in an adventure-packed journey like this?

Imagine how it would feel to…

What about turning your first trip as newlyweds into a YOLO-moon? We talked about it as one of the trends for 2019 and it basically means this: take your biggest dream, that thing that you really wish to do sooner or later and… do it during your adventure honeymoon!

Here’s some ideas of incredible activities you might try, if you put your travels in our hands:

  1. Skydiving in the best locations of the world. It could be Nepal, New Zealand, the Grand Canyon or whatever you like: we’re sure you’ve never felt so high before.

  2. Offbeat trekking along the Inca trail in Peru, or maybe on the Great Himalayan Range in India? This is for daring couples only!

  3. Scuba diving around the coral reefs of Indonesia, the Caribbeans or Maldives: yes, there’s always another side to explore, off the coast of paradise islands.

  4. Dune bashing on a quad in the desert of Oman, Namibia or United Arab Emirates. Get excited, if you’re a four-wheel lover!

…and this is just a taste of what could happen. But read on and find out what we strongly believe.

The biggest adventure? The unknown!

Nothing is more exciting than not knowing where you’re heading and what you’re going to experience during a trip. Turning your honeymoon into a big surprise – for both of you – will make it unique, memorable and thrilling!

Blind Experiences will choose the activities that best suit your attitude and preferences, making your secret travel dreams come true. We can mix the most electrifying, relaxing, pampering bits and as a result you will have an extraordinary adventure honeymoon. One that you and your spouse will remember forever.

Are you up for it? Let’s start planning!


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