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3 reasons why you should consider having a honeymoon with kids

The definition of “honeymoon” states: a holiday spent together by a newly married couple. As you can see, the dictionary doesn’t include children in the picture. What if you are not only two lovers but also two parents, though? Have you ever thought about a honeymoon with kids?

Your friends might tell you that you’re crazy if you say that you’re thinking about it. The first vacation as newlyweds should be all about romantic intimacy and poetic dinners at sunset – nothing to do with screaming toddlers or stinky diapers, right?

On the other hand, the idea of leaving your children with their grandparents or with a nanny while you’re far away doesn’t make you feel at ease.

So, yes: a honeymoon with kids could be just the right thing for you. Here are 3 good reasons why your should definitely consider it.

#1: It’s a great way to bond.

Extended families are more and more common. If you or your spouse already have children from a previous marriage, taking them with you can be the best way to bond. Sharing a holiday, sleeping all together at the same accommodation, living incredible experiences and exploring beautiful places: when you get home, you will feel closer than ever!

Having a honeymoon with kids can improve the family bonds even if you are a traditional family. You know better than us that in everyday life it’s hard to spend quality time with your children. Well, a vacation makes it way easier… and unforgettable!

#2: You don’t have to worry.

If you have children, you know how difficult it is to really enjoy the moment at the fullest when they are not with you. Imagine leaving them at home for a week or two, while you are on your couple vacation. Would you have fun or would you spend the whole time gazing at the screen of your phone in case something bad happens and you get an emergency call?

Embarking on your honeymoon with kids in tow might not be the calmest and most intimate vacation ever, but at least you know you won’t have to worry. You will enjoy all of it!

#3: It’s exciting.

Yes, because the main reason to opt for a honeymoon with kids is as simple as that: it is exciting! Think of all the things they will discover thanks to the journey, all the adventures they will live and all the good times you will spend together. You will laugh, play, sometimes relax and yes, maybe even scream a little. But it will be worth it, because you will have the time of your life together with all of the people you love the most.

And if you want to make your honeymoon really memorable, then here’s the perfect idea: turn it into a huge, thrilling game. A kind of treasure hunt: undertake a trip where everything is a mystery. The destination, the activities, the accommodation: you will discover everything step by step, unwrapping 10 envelopes especially designed for you. With a blind experience, your honeymoon with kids will be the most exciting journey of all times!


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