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Father and son’s surprise travel to Switzerland: an unforgettable experience

The surprise travel to Switzerland we’re about to narrate will let you understand that nothing is better than a family holiday to build special memories with your loved ones. It’s the story of a father who decided to go on a trip with his son, sharing exciting adventures, spending some valuable time together and creating memories that they both will cherish forever.

Nick and Max’s surprise vacation in Switzerland

Nick is an American businessman who often travels around the world for work… and for personal pleasure too! He loves outdoor adventures, but what he adores is his big family – wife and three kids. The reason why he contacted Blind Experiences was a perfect combination of these two: he wanted to embark on a unique holiday with the oldest of his children, Max.

Taking the opportunity of a family vacation in Northern Italy, Nick decided to give Max the daddy-and-me time he was asking for. We were the ideal connection between his wish not to spend time planning and to offer his son a one-of-a-kind experience. The result was a fun and exciting surprise travel to Switzerland that we’re sure both dad and child will remember for their whole life!

surprise travel to switzerland

Travel to Switzerland: a meaningful family adventure

Why did we choose the Swiss Alps for this father-and-son surprise vacation, you wonder? Well, when we had our first chat with Nick we understood very clearly that mountains were calling him. Both him and Max love outdoor activities like trekking and water sports in beautiful surroundings. Add to the picture the fact that they asked for a destination in Europe, not too far from where the family was staying at the time, and there you go: an adventurous travel to Switzerland was just the most natural answer.

It was no surprise that the highlights of the trip, for them, were canyoning and cycling on electric bikes! Canyoning is exactly what you’re thinking: a water sport where you walk, climb, jump and swim in the canyons dug by a river – in this specific case, Roc Coupé Canyon in Chavalet river. The alpine setting that surrounds it turned this thrilling activity into a memorable one for Nick and Max.

The e-bike ride around Les Cerniers – right at the beginning of the Swiss Alps – was no less for sure. The starting point was the Whitepod Eco Luxury Hotel, the incredible accommodation we chose for them. Imagine a camp of sustainable yet luxurious geodesic pods, where you can sleep enjoying a breathtaking view and still being 100% respectful of the environment that surrounds you. That’s the place where our travelers jumped on their electric bicycles, ready to ride around panoramic mountain paths and trails hidden in the forest. Nothing better than that, to be active together and strengthen the deep bond between father and son.

To make the whole travel to Switzerland even more meaningful, we organized an exchange of sweet messages at the end of the trip. That’s probably the most effective way to give words to a love that grew even bigger than it was, thanks to the shared experiences.

It was a pleasure to organize this surprise vacation in Switzerland for Nick and Max, so that they could live such a wonderful adventure together. We can’t wait to plan more… for them or for you!


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