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Surprise travel to Namibia: a unique family adventure

How do you properly celebrate a milestone like a 50th birthday? Considering that the best gifts are experiences rather than objects, you might as well go big. That’s what the Galietti family did, choosing to travel to Namibia on the occasion of dad’s birthday… or better: they didn’t know they were going to Namibia, because the present was a surprise vacation!

Travel to Namibia for a special birthday

Marianna and Mario got in touch with us after hearing about our surprise travel agency from some friends. They immediately thought that this kind of vacation could be a great idea to celebrate Mario’s 50th birthday in a completely new and thrilling way.

They both are avid travelers, who basically had visited all continents… besides Africa, which remained one of their dreams. And who are we not to turn their dream into reality and set them up to travel to Namibia?

We thought that land was a perfect mix of all of their passions and desires, and had a lot of amazing adventures to offer to their children Egidio and Nicola too. That’s how they found themselves flying to the very south of Africa for an unforgettable on-the-road family trip!

surprise family travel to namibia

Surprise experiences under the African sky

The adventure among the unreal colors of Namibia started in a desert lodge in Sossusvlei, one of the most renowned attractions of the country. At sunrise they reached the spectacular white basin surrounded by high red dunes, that stand out against a bright blue sky. The kids were also extremely excited by the afternoon exploration of the Namib desert on a jeep – how could you blame them?!

When you travel to Namibia, especially if you’re with your family, you can’t miss its incredible wildlife. That’s why in our blind trip we included a tour departing from Sandwich Harbor, where huge sand dunes dive into the sea. The lagoons around there host pink flamingos, whereas the delta of the river is home to springbok antelopes: observing them is such a wonder!

But in Namibia you can also find rock paintings from the Paleolithic – like the ones that Egidio, Nicola and their parents could see on the Erongo mountains, near the amazing Ai Aiba lodge where they spent one magic night.

Their on-the-road travel in Namibia also included a stop at Etosha Natural Park, a unique reserve where – among the other things – it’s possible to see wild animals including the Big Five: elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and buffalos. For the children especially, exploring this place and going on two safaris in the next one – Onguma Bush – felt like being in a movie.

travel to namibia with the family

On their last African night, the family members exchanged very special messages full of love. “I don’t know where we are today, but it doesn’t matter because we are together and, wherever we are, you are my home, this is how Marianna ended her letter to the men of her life. Mario thanked his wife “for saying yes almost 20 years ago, and then again 15 years ago”, and wrote to Egidio and Nicola “I love you so much that you can’t reach the top of it”.

We are sure that the whole family will remember this incredible travel to Namibia forever, and we are very happy that Blind Experiences will be a part of that memory! Are you willing to embark on a mystery holiday too? Get started now!


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