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Honeymoon trends for 2019: 7 ideas to have the trip of a lifetime

As much as you’ve been waiting for (and planning) your wedding day, you’ve probably also been daydreaming about your honeymoon since you got engaged. How can we blame you?! That’s our favourite part too! Since we don’t want you to have just an average vacation, here’s a list of the 7 top honeymoon trends for 2019.

As you’ll see, they’re all about embarking on one-of-a-kind experiences: are you ready to dive into them?

1. The YOLO-moon

Whatever “You only live once” means for you, let this be the motto of your honeymoon. Combine adventure and luxury, adrenaline and relax, and get the perfect trip of a lifetime together with your loved one. If there’s something you’ve always dreamed of – like skydiving or swimming with mantas – your honeymoon is the perfect occasion to do that. If not now, when?

2. The eco-moon

Traveling in a sustainable and environment-friendly way is getting more and more important – that’s why it turns out to be a honeymoon trend for 2019. Booking a green accommodation, going zero waste, taking part in a beach cleanup: these are simple but meaningful ways to have a positive impact on the environment during your honeymoon!

3. The unique-moon

Uncommon and breathtaking accommodation surely is one of the hottest honeymoon trends for 2019. Couples are tired of ordinary hotel rooms: why not sleep underwater or suspended on the side of a mountain? Get some inspiration for your wow-accommodation from our article about the best honeymoon destinations for unconventional lovers!

4. The roadtrip-moon

Why stay still in one destination? Why use planes or trains when you could drive yourself? Pick a scenic road that goes through locations that you’ve always wanted to visit, rent a car or a van and start driving! A road trip is probably the best honeymoon trend for 2019 for free-spirited couples who want to live places instead of just visiting them.

5. The heritage-moon

The growth of this honeymoon trend mirrors the fact that the world is increasingly becoming a whole, huge country. Heritage-mooners are mixed couples that travel to their home countries after their wedding, or visit the land of origin of their ancestors. A great way to get in touch with your history and make your honeymoon really meaningful.

6. The mini-moon

Who says that you can’t go on a honeymoon unless you have 2 or 3 weeks of holidays from work? Mini-moons are a growing trend for all those couples who don’t want to give up on the idea of enjoying a well-deserved break after the wedding. A long weekend is all you need to discover a city you’ve never been before – and you could even have more than one, spread all over the year!

7. The mistery-moon

The best way to gift you and your spouse with a unique experience is to go blind! You’ll take the planning stress out of the picture and you’ll embark on an adventure you’ll remember for your whole life: a surprise honeymoon. Unknown destination, unexpected experiences and incomparable feelings: that’s what you’ll get with a mistery-moon!

Now that you know all about the honeymoon trends for 2019, let us know: what’s your honeymoon going to be like?


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