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Ultimate Family Trips for 2021 - 5 Hand-picked Countries Open for Tourism!

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Slowly and steadily as the world starts welcoming travellers again with open arms, we have curated a list of 5 gorgeous countries open for tourism. From sun-drenched beaches to busy markets, from tropical rainforests to majestic wildlife, these 5 hand-picked destinations have what it takes for the most epic family bonding trip - to build lifetime memories and leave behind a legacy to your loved ones…

Costa Rica

It is often said that good things come in small packages. This holds true for Costa Rica. This tiny, rugged Central American gem paradise packs a powerful punch with its surreal natural beauty and lush rainforests. And guess what, this country has reopened its borders for all nationalities! What’s more, you don’t need a COVID test and no tourist will be issued quarantine orders. However, you must buy special travel insurance and fill out an online health form to enter.

Any corner of Costa Rica you travel to, there is bound to be some or the other experience or adventure that awaits you. On the northeast coast of Costa Rica lies the Tortuguero National Park, only accessible by boat. Rustic and untamed, this is where you can spot crocs, caiman, sea turtles, and a variety of monkey frolicking on the treetops, as you sashay down the river. One the west, ringing the Pacific Ocean, rainforest-clad Osa Peninsula is a perfect place to skip the crowds and explore endless beaches and mystical hikes. Head to Montverde to hike or zip-line through the country’s soaring cloud forests. Towards the north, spend some time hiking volcanoes like the Arenal, Poas, and Barva.

With so much to see and do here, there is no dearth of bonding activities, be it a father-daughter trip, a mother-son trip or vice versa.


If you fancy luxury amidst the bluest of blue seas and the whitest of white sand beaches, there is no better destination than Maldives. A country open for tourism since July 2020, do make sure you have your COVID-19 negative PCR test result handy, before entering Maldives.

This tiny island country seems more like a hallucinatory paradise, where beauty meets magic. And no, you don’t necessarily need to be lovers or a couple to soak in the magic of Maldives! Water sports, heavenly food, marine life, island hopping – sounds equally awesome for a family bonding trip too! A trip to the capital city of Male will give you a glimpse into the local life and culture – colourful houses, bustling markets, museums and eateries. Islands like Ari Atoll and Gaafu Alifu Atoll and North Male Atoll are where you can snorkel alongside colourful swarms of fish and corals. Hop across islands to meet people and satiate your appetite with local delicacies. Soak in luxury in the middle of the sea by living in one of the numerous water villas.

Swimming, surfing, snorkelling, relishing sundowners by the beach – Maldives is unusually awesome for mother and daughter or father and son bonding.


Known to be one the “happiest” countries in the world, Iceland is where your soul can feast on some of the most dramatic landscapes and sights that will stay with you forever! While Iceland has started welcoming tourists again, all passengers are required to choose between a 14-day quarantine or take two COVID-19 tests with a quarantine of 4-5 days.

The land of the Viking legends, boasting of rumbling ice-clad volcanoes, bubbling geysers and hot springs, thundering waterfalls, and not to miss, nature’s ultimate light show – the Aurora Borealis! Iceland is something like you’ve never experienced before. Iceland is where nature’s elements come alive, leaving you in literal awe of how dramatic our planet is. As if the nature and gob-smacking landscapes of Iceland weren’t enough, there’s the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik, a chic city teeming with stylish cafes, quirky, vibrant buildings, wild nightlife, and an epic gastronomy scene.

Whether you want to watch whales in action, ride an Icelandic horse, chase the Northern Lights, enjoy a snow ride on a sled, gaze at splendid waterfalls, explore glaciers and geysers, or simply chill and unwind in Reykjavik, Iceland can be the quintessential bonding trip of your life!


The gateway to Africa, a land bursting with numinous contrasts – from soaring mountains to sweeping deserts touching the horizon to ancient, mystical cities and exotic souks, Morocco’s charm beckons travellers to come and unleash their inner wanderlust! This mysterious country is now open to visa-exempt foreign travellers. Make sure you fill out their online health form, and obtain a negative PCR test result for COVID-19, dated no earlier than 72 hours prior to departure.

To get to know what Morocco is all about, you will need to traverse through the winding alleys of its old walled cities or medinas, haggle for souvenirs and mingle with locals at the bustling souks, stay in one of their fabled riads, hike in the Atlas Mountains, laze on the dreamy Moroccan beaches, and savour the heavenly local cuisine and Moroccan Mint Tea at one of their quaint cafes or bistros.

Whether it’s the exoticism of Marrakesh, the sophistication of Casa Blanca, the Mediterranean feels of Tangiers, or the fairytale-like, blue labyrinthine alleys of Chefchaouen, or the old-world charm of Fez, there’s plenty to call for some quality, father and son bonding or mom-daughter bonding.


The entire Coronavirus episode has made us realize how precious our planet is, and its beautiful wildlife, even more! That’s why we have chosen Botswana, one of Africa's ultimate safari destinations, for your dad-son/mother-son or vice versa, family bonding trip.

One of the most beautiful African countries open for tourism, Botswana has started welcoming international travellers since 9th November, 2020. On arrival, you will be asked to produce a valid negative COVID-19 PCR test, dated no earlier than 72 hours prior to departure. You will also need to undergo screening for COVID-19 symptoms.

If you and your child want to witness wildlife at its rawest and wildest best, there’s nowhere quite like Botswana. This is where wildlife is all about intensity, freedom, and sheer royalty. Watch the big cats, elephants, giraffes, and rhinos tread wild and free in the Okavango Delta, tame the saltpans of the Kalahari Desert with a 4WD quadbike safari, stay at a campsite amidst the wilderness, light a bonfire and enjoy stargazing – the mother and son or father and daughter activities available here are in abundance!

We hope these countries have inspired you to beat the COVID blues, and to just get out there and have the best adult-child holiday! Leave the planning to us :)


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