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Mystery honeymoon in Costa Rica, pura vida and lifelong memories

“Wonderful”, “unforgettable” and “amazing” are only some of the words that Kristen and Kyle used to describe their surprise honeymoon in Costa Rica. They are two adventurous souls who love thrilling activities so they enjoyed every single bit of their Blind Experiences… and we had a lot of fun planning for them, to be honest!

Today we’re sharing their story with you, so you can see first-hand how a mystery honeymoon can look like. Are you ready to dive into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure?

surprise honeymoon in costa rica

Kristen and Kyle, a brave and sweet couple

First things first: if you’ve been following us for a bit, you should know that we believe in the uniqueness of every couple… and of their honeymoon too! Kristen and Kyle, for example, were two young and sweet soon-to-be newlyweds looking for exciting adventures immersed in nature, first-time experiences and relaxation.

They were leaving from Boston, U.S.A., and wanted their journey to be a couple of weeks long. Since they were very caught up in the wedding planning, and they didn’t have a specific destination in mind, they decided to be brave and opt for a surprise vacation. We talked to them, combined all of their requests, desires and passions and came up with a plan: a tailor-made honeymoon in Costa Rica!

blind experiences honeymoon in costa rica

Honeymoon in Costa Rica: every day is a surprise!

We knew that one of their wishes was to be surprised by an unexpected activity every day and that they were adrenaline seekers, so Costa Rica immediately seemed the perfect destination. Dramatic nature and wildlife biodiversity, volcanoes and canyons, the green of tropical rainforest that meets the turquoise of the Caribbean sea: there was so much to explore for them! No wonder that their favorite parts of the trip were all the thrilling activities they got to try in such a wonderful environment.

The first one was a snorkeling trip in Cahuita National Park, where they could (literally) dive into a reef which is home to 35 different species of coral, 123 species of tropical fish, 3 species of sharks, 140 species of mollusks and sea turtles just to name a few.

Next came the stay at Rios Tropicales, a remote eco-lodge tucked in the rainforest around the Pacuare River, and the excursions they took from there. Can you imagine how exciting it is to do white water rafting surrounded by lush forest?!

Or maybe you would prefer a zipline that flies over the forest treetops, followed by an adventurous waterfall rappelling down to a spectacular canyon – like Kristen and Kyle did: pura vida, pure adrenaline!

But their honeymoon in Costa Rica was not only about excitement and action: the two lovely newlyweds had enough time for relaxation too. We chose luxury and sustainable accommodation for them, where they had the chance to unwind and enjoy some special moments as a couple, while still being in touch with the local culture.

We wish them to be always fearless yet graceful, and to deal with every challenge of life with the same spirit they showed during their surprise honeymoon in Costa Rica.

If you’re thinking about your own honeymoon and wish for something absolutely unique, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us: we’ll be more than happy to start planning it for you.


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