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Honeymoon planning with a twist: how to create the trip of a lifetime

Weddings are all about planning – ceremony, reception, dress, flowers, food, cake, music, decorations… you have to take care of every single detail in order to make your Big Day really special.

But what about the honeymoon? Yes, that requires some arrangements too – well, actually more than just some. Your honeymoon isn’t like any other vacation: it’s the first one as husband and wife, the one where you start building your memories as a family.

So how can you create the trip of a lifetime? Easy: adding some twist to your honeymoon planning thanks to our tips!

Start a honeyfund

First things first: you might be a great planner, but if your budget is not enough it will be hard for you to have the honeymoon of your dreams.

Don’t worry though, there’s an easy – and fun – solution for that: start a honeyfund! Ask all of your friends and relatives to turn your wedding gifts into donations for your honeymoon: that will definitely increase your budget!

You can do it through a funny website or collection, but make sure you have an idea of the final budget before the start of your actual honeymoon planning.

Let everyone know

Not just your friends and family, but literally everyone: the airline you’re flying with, the spa where you’re having a couple massage, the fancy restaurant you wish to eat at and – most of all – the hotels you’re booking for your stay!

All of them usually greet the honeymooners with a romantic surprise or with free upgrades… doesn’t it sound appealing?

Mix it up

In order to add some twist to your honeymoon planning and to your actual trip, playing mix and match with your itinerary is one of the best things you can do.

It’s also a great way to balance adventure and relaxation: after the long months of work and the wedding day, you will surely need some rest on a pristine beach… but maybe you also want to spice the trip up with some adrenaline, or add a cultural slot in a city.

You can have all of it: just plan the honeymoon destinations and activities as if you were solving a puzzle!

Spoil yourself

It’s your well deserved and long wished for vacation with your beloved spouse, so you’re absolutely allowed to include some pampering in your honeymoon planning.

Whatever your travel dreams are – in terms of luxury accommodation, delightful food, incredible spa treatments, one-of-a-kind activities and so on – you should definitely take the chance of your honeymoon to turn them into reality.

Schedule surprise

Planning small surprises to unveil throughout the honeymoon is a perfect idea to add a twist to it. It could be everything, from a candle-lit dinner to a love letter: whatever you know your spouse will appreciate.

Or, if you want to be surprised too, then leave the whole honeymoon planning to a mystery travel agency like us! We will be the ones in charge of adding a twist to your special couple vacation… are you ready to turn your honeymoon into the trip of a lifetime?


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