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Gift for families who travel: the best you can give is…

When a holiday or a family member’s birthday are approaching, the “present issue” always comes up. You want to find something original, useful and also really appreciated by the recipient. Something that doesn’t waste your money and at the same time doesn’t end up on a dusty shelf.

In this article we want to focus on those who are affected by wanderlust and suggest you the best gift for families who travel a lot!

Gift for families: objects or experiences?

When we think of presents, the first thing that comes to our mind are objects: that’s what we’re used to. As much as a tangible item can make us excited in the first place, though, that magic feeling will vanish fast.

Research shows that the best gifts – for families and individuals – are not material ones: they are experiences!

Experiences are what make all of us happier, because they are unique and immersive so we don’t risk to get bored. The idea itself of an upcoming experience activates anticipation and pleasure… and that pleasure will increase when we share the moment with our loved ones: our family, for example.

So what gifts for families who travel are tightly linked to experiences?

The best gifts for families who love traveling

There are so many ideas if your family (or your friends’ one) is always on the go. Some of them support the “journey experience”, and some of them are the experience itself.

Here are our ideas for you:

Scratch-off world map poster

This gift will make the whole family happy: it’s a good décor item for the house, the children will love scratching off all the places they visit and it’s a great way to keep track of their travels and choose the next destination.

Waterproof action camera

Imagine how excited the kids (and parents!) would be if they could take underwater videos or pictures during their adventures around the world. They will also re-live the experience when watching the footage they filmed.

Travel games

Any parent knows how long the plane or car journeys can be, when you are traveling with kids. A perfect gift for families who move around a lot are portable-sized games for them to play together and keep the little ones entertained.

Travel memory book

One of the best ways to live an experience to the fullest is to keep track of every detail of it. A memory book is the perfect tool where to write notes, stick tickets or postcards and create a journal of each trip.

Surprise vacation

Why not turn the experience itself into the gift for your family? A surprise holiday, where you don’t know the destination nor the activities you will undertake, would be the most unforgettable journey of your life – even better if shared with your children, don’t you think?

If you want to leave your loved ones speechless, contact us and we’ll design the most wonderful holiday ever – we really think this is the best gift for families… and they will agree with us!


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