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10 great reasons to travel to Georgia as soon as you can!

If you’re affected by wanderlust, you know it: the world is full of incredible places to explore, and traveling off the beaten path can give you a huge satisfaction.

That’s why we warmly suggest you to add “travel to Georgia” to your bucket list ideas. This country, located in the Caucasus region, will surprise you in a lot of different ways – and you know that we love being surprised!

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should travel to Georgia… before everyone else does!

1. Food and wine

“Every Georgian dish is a poem”, said Alexander Pushkin.

Influenced by different cultures that passed through the country, the food is more than delicious. From khinkali – dumplings filled with meat, vegetables and spices – to khachapuri and kubdari – rich flatbreads – you’ll have your mouth watering.

Not to mention that Georgia is the place where winemaking was born 8000 years ago: don’t you want to try their traditional wine?

2. Tbilisi

The capital city is definitely one of the places to visit in Georgia. With its modern and ancient mix, it’s both cosmopolitan and traditional: you will be fascinated by its old town as much as you’ll enjoy the vibrant nightlife!

3. Caucasus mountains

When you travel to Georgia, you can’t help but falling in love with the breathtaking landscapes of Caucasus. Its mighty mountains with snow-capped peaks, preceded by vast green meadows and canyons will astound you all year round.

4. The Black Sea

You can enjoy its nice weather and beaches made of stones, just a couple of hours from the mountains. Batumi is the place to visit in Georgia, right on the Black Sea: you’ll love its fancy hotels and stylish seaside boulevard!

5. Spas and sulphur baths

Tbilisi was built around a site of sulphurous thermal water, so you can find a lot of bath houses where to relax and heal at the same time. If you love spas, when in Georgia you should also visit Borjomi, a resort town with healing mineral waters.

6. Ancient and modern architecture

The old towns in Tbilisi and Batumi will take you back in time, while the modern buildings in Kutaisi will teleport you to the future. The first ones talk about the history of Georgia, the latter were built as a symbol of its democratic future: what a pair!

7. Military Road

Considered one of the best panoramic routes in the world, this itself is a great reason to travel to Georgia! It’s an historic route, used by traders and invaders, surrounded by an astonishing views on both sides: unmissable.

8. The Cave Monastery of Vardzia

Imagine a religious complex completely hollowed on the side of a mountain. Created in the 12th century, it was attacked – and all its monks were killed – in the 16th. Visitors can see the cells, churches and even wine cellars!

9. The canyons and caves

Nature will be your best company when you travel to Georgia. The Okatse and Martvili canyons, with waterfalls and natural pools, and the Prometheus cave to explore: plenty of adrenaline for the adventure seekers!

10. The UNESCO sites

Among the places to visit in Georgia, you can’t miss the spectacular UNESCO sites. The wonderful Gelati Monastery, the historic churches of Mtskheta and the medieval villages of Svaneti: you will adore them!

Now you can’t wait to travel to Georgia, can you? We can take you there whenever you want!


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