Are you about to leave for the land of colors and spices? Here’s today’s special on the menu: what to eat in Morocco!

When you travel, eating local food is part of the experience. It allows you to understand the culture more deeply and to discover amazing new flavors. Like the ones of Moroccan food, for example.
Its cuisine was influenced by different cultures – mainly Arab, Berber, French and Jewish – and each of them left its footprint. You will taste incredibly rich flavors, filled with spices, fresh herbs and flower scents.

Are you ready for this journey?
So here’s 5 things you must eat in Morocco!

1) Tajine

When you think of what to eat in Morocco, this is one of the dishes you can’t miss.
Tajine is actually the name of the earthenware pot with conical lid where food is cooked. Different kinds of dishes are cooked this way: tajine recipes usually include meat or fish together with vegetables or fruit, slow cooked and spiced to perfection.
You can find this delicious stew almost everywhere so all you have to do is enjoy it!

2) Harira

A very typical Moroccan food, usually served to break the Ramadan fast at dusk – but you will be able to find it all year round.
It consists of a soup mainly made of chickpeas, lentils, tomato sauce and meat. Add a generous amount of spices and fresh herbs and you’ll have a hearty and flavorful thick soup. Finish it with a squeeze of lemon for an additional twist and it’s ready to be savored!

3) Couscous

Forget about the instant couscous you might have tried at home: this Moroccan staple food is something different and absolutely delightful.
Couscous is made of small pearls of crushed durum wheat semolina, and it’s typically served with different kinds of stews. The couscous itself is soaked with flavor because – well, they know how to perfectly cook it. What we can tell you is that, when it comes to what to eat in Morocco, this is a must. And you will love it!

4) Moroccan sweets

What to eat in Morocco when you have a drop in blood sugar? There are plenty of available options!
Moroccan sweet tooth translates into a lot of delicious treats made of nuts, dates, honey and powdered sugar.
Just to name the most popular ones: gazelle horns and snake pie are pastries filled with almond paste and flavored with orange blossom water, while chebakia are deep fried flower-shaped cookies coated in honey and sesame seeds.
Ready to taste all of them?

5) Mint tea

Ok, mint tea is not a food, but it’s an absolute must-try when in Morocco. One of the reasons is that you’ll be offered mint tea everywhere as a sign of hospitality – and it’s impolite not to take it. But oh, if all duties were like this!
This drink, served hot, is made of green tea, fresh mint leaves and (quite a lot of) sugar. The taste of this traditional tea will win you over, no doubts.


Colorful spices, creamy soups, energizing sweets and chilly mint – Moroccan food is not surprisingly considered one of the tastiest in the world. And if you were wondering what to eat in Morocco during your next trip, now you know.
Aren’t you already drooling?