The tips about the best things to do in Iceland always include Northern Lights, geysers or horse riding in the midnight sun. They’re all amazing, don’t get us wrong, but Iceland is much more than that.

That’s why we want to show you how to have a really epic trip: get ready for quirky and unusual things to do in Iceland!

Snorkel between two tectonic plates

In Thingvellir National Park you can literally swim between two tectonic plates – the North American and European ones. It’s the only place in the worlds where you can see two plates exposed from the earth – and swim between them, in the Silfra gorge.
Dive in the crystal clear meltwater of Langjökull glacier but don’t forget your drysuit, because it’s freezing.
Among all the things to do in Iceland, you don’t want to miss one of the world’s top diving sites!

Spend a few nights on a private island

Traustholtshólmi is an island in the island: located in the middle of Iceland’s largest glacial river, it’s inhabited by one man and his dog.
Every year Hàkon builds three yurts and opens his island to visitors.
You will fish with him, eat wild caught salmon – we bet you’ve never tried a freshest sashimi in your life – and enjoy the secluded atmosphere. It will be just you and nature.
Can you imagine how starry the sky is in a place like this?
It’s the perfect thing to do in Iceland to recharge your batteries!

Get inside a volcano

Iceland is known as the land of ice and fire: volcanoes are spread all around. Some of them are active, some are dormant – like Thrihnukagigur, that you can visit from the inside.
Yes, that’s right: you will descend right into its crater (don’t worry, it didn’t erupt in the last 4000 years). The magma chamber is so big that the Statue of Liberty would fit in there and you will reach the bottom on an open elevator.
Enjoy the sight of colorful rocks and the feeling of being so close to the heart of our Earth – a definitely unusual thing to do in Iceland.

Taste hakarl, fermented shark

If you’re brave enough, this is the quirkiest of the things to do in Iceland.
This infamous food is considered a delicacy by the old locals and a dare by visitors.
It consists on shark buried underground and then hung to dry for a few months. This process allows it to ferment – so you can imagine the smell and taste, can’t you?
We couldn’t help but mentioning hakarl among the quirky things to do in Iceland!

Relax in a geothermal spa

Have you ever floated in milky blue water? At the Blue Lagoon you can!
This might not be the most unusual thing to do in Iceland – but it’s definitely something you can only do here.
The peculiar color of the water is due to silica and other mineral salts, that will do wonders for your skin – besides making this place look so magical.
The water is warm, so you can plunge all year round.
You can also indulge in luxury dining or sleeping at the Blue Lagoon facilities.
We bet you will remember this experience forever!

Are you ready for an epic trip? Then check these unusual things to do in Iceland off your list!