Feb, 2019

5 romantic things to do in Chile for an unforgettable couple travel!

Feb, 2019|Blog, Travel more|

Chile is a fascinating land of contrast, due to its geographical shape and social history. It’s probably not the first destination that comes to your mind when you think of a romantic trip, but you know we like to show you alternative points of view. These five things to do in Chile will make you [...]

Dec, 2018

5 unusual experiences you can’t skip when you travel to Brazil

Dec, 2018|Blog, Travel more|

When you think of Brazil, there’s always a few milestones that come to your mind: the crazy Carnival, the sandy beach of Copacabana, the samba dancers and the incredible Christ the Redeemer statue. This multifaceted and fascinating country offers much more than that, though. That’s why we want to present you 5 unusual experiences that [...]

Nov, 2018

Three unique experiences you can’t miss when you travel to Peru

Nov, 2018|Blog, Travel more|

If your dream is to travel to Peru, you might as well dream big! You already know it’s an amazing country, but maybe you are unaware of some of its gems… you’re lucky, though: in this article you’ll find out three absolutely amazing places that you can’t miss when you travel to Peru! 1) Enjoy [...]