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Wishes granted by the honeymoon genie!

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Have you ever wondered to what lengths Blind Experiences will go to make your honeymoon wishes come true?

Well the answer is……. we will do whatever it takes!

Here’s a story about how Co-Founder Andrea went above and beyond a couples’ expectations to make the surprise reveal of their honeymoon utterly magical:

“Once upon a time, not very long ago, Andrea received a call from a couple about to get married. They’d decided they wanted to open the first envelope of the Blind Experiences surprise honeymoon at the wedding and could Andrea come along and give them the envelope in front of all their guests? The wedding was in just 4 days time and in Rome - no problem!

So Andrea grabbed his tuxedo from the dry cleaners, sourced a few essentials for the 'big reveal' and was on his way to the beautiful Villa Miani with the first precious Blind Experiences envelope safely stored in his briefcase, all ready for a super creative vacation reveal - in front of a big audience!

Normally the Blind Experiences team work away behind the scenes applying their extraordinary attention to detail to every aspect of a honeymoon, so it’s not often they have the great honour of being part of a wedding day itself. Andrea was welcomed by bride and groom Abi and Giulia and when the time came for them to open the envelope he made magic happen right before their eyes. No longer was he Andrea - no, he became the Blind Experiences honeymoon genie, first insisting groom Abi wore a golden turban, then producing a lamp that the couple had to rub three times to reveal their honeymoon wishes! If you are sensing a theme here, then so did the beautiful couple who opened their envelope to reveal their first destination was Dubai! Once there ‘prince’ Abi and ‘princess’ Giulia were destined to spend a night in the desert under the stars - a romantic adventure straight out of the Arabian Nights. In Dubai there are more envelopes waiting for the couple, with more amazing surprise destinations to be revealed.

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For Andrea it was a real privilege to be part of Abi and Giulia’s wedding day and to take on the role of the magical genie, granting wishes and making dreams come true! It’s all in a day’s work for the creative team at Blind Experiences - the home of secret holidays and surprise honeymoons and where everyone lives happily ever after. “


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