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Unusual honeymoon: 5 of the best sustainable destinations in the world

Let’s be honest: one of the best parts of getting married is the romantic journey that awaits you. And we’re not just speaking figuratively! So why not start this new chapter of your lives with an unusual honeymoon?

We chose 5 different destinations that stand out from the crowd for their sustainable approach to tourism. We want to play our part in changing the way people travel the world: our aim is to spread awareness, respect for the environment and the native populations from all over the world.

If you agree with us, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in this short list of unique destinations for unconventional honeymoons. Let’s start!

House in the wild – Maasai Mara, Kenya

Immersed in a huge private estate, this luxury hut has everything you need to make your unusual honeymoon unforgettable. Lippa and Tarquin Wood are the owners of this enchanting place located on the African East Coast. They’d be thrilled to walk you through their wildlife conservation project called “Enonkishu Conservancy”.

You’ll have the chance to spot lions, elephants and leopards running free in their own habitat, within easy reach of your private hut. It’s not just any safari: it’s a journey to the very heart of Africa. Are you ready to go on this great adventure with your loved one?

Amazon Yarapa River Lodge – Yarapa River, Peru

This lodge was originally built not only to protect the incredible biodiversity of the Amazon area, but also to help local villages to develop. By choosing to spend your unusual honeymoon in the heart of the Amazon Rain Forest, you’ll support their mission and help them make a difference.

The largest effort you’ll have to do is relax, enjoy guided hikes through the forest and have a good time in your wooden hut: do you think you could handle it?

Basecamp Oulanka – Oulanka National Park, Finland

Have you ever considered spending your unusual honeymoon in the cold? Maybe this idea doesn’t sound that appealing to you, but we found a unique destination that might change your mind.

Basecamp Oulanka is an exclusive accommodation for those who want to experience the magic of the Northern Lights. Its cozy wooden cabins are equipped with all comforts: a sauna, an outdoor tub and even a log fire. The best part? The camp is totally self-sustaining, which makes it the perfect destination for all responsible tourists out there.

EcoCamp Patagonia – Chile

Another camp, but a totally different story. This unique destination is equipped with some of the best geodesic domes in the whole world. Newlyweds love spending their alternative honeymoon here, while exploring all the Chilean wonders.

EcoCamp is a fully sustainable ecolodge that will give you the chance to have close encounters with pumas, deer and other local wildlife. Hands up who wants to leave now!

Cempedak Private Island – Bintan, Indonesia

If you’re looking for a paradise on earth to enjoy your unusual honeymoon, then this must be the place. Your eyes will be filled with wonder and you heart will sink when faced with so much beauty at once.

Bintan is home to 112 different animal species, including sea turtles, smooth otters and Sunda pangolin. The Cempedak Resort gives its best to take care of all these creatures and also to sustain local economy. Breathtaking views, luxurious bamboo huts hidden in the forest of a remote island: what else do you need?

The world is filled with astonishing locations just waiting to be explored by responsible tourists. So why not make your honeymoon the greatest and most sustainable adventure of all? Contact us and let us plan it!


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