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Travel with baby made easy thanks to 10 never-without tips!

As a parent, you surely know that traveling with children – especially young ones – can be challenging. This said, we’re sure that you still want to take them with you on your adventures around the world… don’t you?

That’s why we decided to share with you 10 essential tips that will make it easier to travel with a baby. Plus one: the first, outsider and basic suggestion we have for you is to relax and embark on your journey with a “whatever happens, happens” attitude. It helps, we promise!

10 tips for successful travel with a baby:

  1. First and foremost, the child needs a passport: make sure you request it in advance… you don’t want to rush on his travel documents!

  2. When flying with a baby, take advantage of priority boarding and security lines: they will save you time and stress.

  3. If you have a long-haul flight ahead of you, request a crib. If it’s a short one, prefer an aisle seat so that you can easily get up to rock your baby or change his diaper.

  4. During takeoff or landing, the pressure can cause pain to the kid. In order to relieve it, use a pacifier, a bottle or breastfeeding: the sucking motion helps a lot!

  5. Flying is not the only way to travel with a baby: pediatricians suggest to wait for his immune system to be stronger before getting on a plane… during those months you don’t have to give up on traveling: you can still use trains or a car. Just make sure that, if you rent one, it comes with a carseat!

  6. Travel as light as you can, especially if you’re not moving by car. Bring diapers for a couple days (you can buy more at the destination), wipes, bottles and formula milk if you’re not breastfeeding, a pacifier if your infant uses it, some extra clothes and a trash bag to store the dirty ones in case of need. You don’t need much more than this – and your love of course!

  7. Babywearing is better than a stroller. It makes it easier and faster to move around, even in case of stairs, and it allows the baby to sleep more and cry less – he loves to stay so close to you!

  8. When you’re at your destination, try and have dinner early: the restaurants will be quieter and the baby calmer… and, in case he cries, there won’t be many people who get disturbed by that.

  9. Download some white noise on your phone: it helps your child to sleep better. Download also some songs or nursery rhymes that he likes: entertainment is crucial when you travel with a baby or kid!

  10. Stipulate a health insurance and make sure you know in advance where you can find the local doctor or emergency room at your destination… maybe you won’t need any of these, but better be safe than sorry!

These are the main things that we believe will help you on your next travel with a baby or toddler. It will be intense but totally worth it: you’re allowing him to experience the world since a very young age and one day he will be grateful for that!

With these tips you can also take your baby on your next surprise vacation… and we’d be more than happy to help you design the trip of your lives! All you have to do is contact us


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