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Travel to Portugal for a surprise anniversary gift like no other

What happens when three siblings want to gift their parents with a unique present for their anniversary? Well, it could happen that they set mum and dad up to travel to Portugal… without them knowing!

Touria and Abdelkrim’s vacation is the perfect example of a successful surprise: let us tell you the whole story.

Surprise: you’re going to travel to Portugal!

Touria and Abdelkrim’s family is very international. They have always lived in Rabat, Morocco, where their three children were born, but they’ve been traveling for their whole lives. Their passion was so strong that they passed it on to Leila, Amine and Zineb.

It’s no surprise that now the three of them live all around the world with their families – and that they thought of a special gift to celebrate their parents’ love: a surprise travel to Portugal.

The one who contacted us was Zineb, that we got to know a few years ago when she and her husband chose Blind Experiences for a mystery honeymoon which took them to the Philippines.

Having tried it in person, she knew that her parents would have loved a surprise journey. We chose Portugal as the destination, since it used to be a place where Touria and Abdelkrim went on holiday when they were younger. Going back there sounded like the ideal treat after a difficult moment, as a celebration of family love and a way to build new pleasant memories… but they didn’t find out where they were headed until the very last minute!

vacation in Portugal Algarve

Well-deserved relax between Lisbon and unspoiled nature

Not all trips need to be filled with adventurous activities: the bespoke vacation in Portugal we crafted for Touria and Abdelkrim, for example, was a quiet and relaxing one. At Blind Experiences, we pay huge attention to our travelers’ taste and attitude. In this case, we knew that the most important thing for them was to be present and enjoy the little things such as the food, culture and nature of the Algarve.

They spent a few days getting lost among the paved alleys of Lisbon, admiring its azulejos (the typical blue and white tiles), tasting ginjinha (a sweet liquor) and exploring its iconic spots. The accommodation we chose for them was Ribeira Tejo, a boutique guesthouse full of artworks and tucked right in the heart of the city. From there it was easy to reach the Bairro Alto and soak into the vibrant atmosphere of Lisbon.

But when you travel to Portugal you can also dive into unspoiled places such as Quinta do Barranco da Estrada and its surroundings. This lodge is located right on a lake, amidst lush nature and extreme peace. It’s a real paradise on Earth: the countryside all around is home to a great variety of wildlife – especially birds – and the Quinta itself is environmentally friendly. Touria and Abdelkrim were welcomed by a warm and friendly ambiance and they could appreciate the private terrace of their room, with garden and lake view.

surprise anniversary trip

In order to make this vacation in Portugal even more special for this sweet couple, we organized a surprise in the surprise: a poem written by the three siblings and dedicated to their parents. An absolutely touching message that arrived straight to the heart of mum and dad, to show them that their journey as a family is the most precious one they could experience.

Don’t you also wish to travel to Portugal – or anywhere else – to make your anniversary unforgettable? We know you do – and we’re ready to start planning for you!


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