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The power of experiences: how they can make your life better

Our name says it all: experiences are what we value the most. Surprise experiences? Even more! If you read on, you will understand exactly why… and start seeking for experiences in life, more than anything else.

Experiences: a definition

What’s exactly an experience? We rarely stop to think about it, but it’s actually something very specific.

Think of this simple, everyday situation: you want to get a coffee. You can make your own, at home, just to be able to start your day: in this case, coffee is a commodity. You can also go to a random bar ad get a quick espresso: that’s a service you’re using for your own convenience. Or you can have your coffee at a fancy café, where they surprise you with a nice latte art and an unexpected cookie on the side – that’s an experience.

So we can define experiences by the amount of surprise we feel when interacting with the specific situation: the more surprise is involved, the stronger the experience is – and the most vibrant memories of it we keep!

Experiences in life: why are they so important?

Experiences are related to the unpredictable side of life, so they turn out to be subjective events bursting with the unexpected – that’s why we remember them so well: because they stand out.

That’s also why experiences are so exciting and immersive: they help us plug into the moment, be present and enjoy it all. If we share them with other people, they also strengthen the bond of the relationship.

Experiences have superpowers because, unlike commodities and services, they fulfill higher needs: the needs of meaning and transcendence. That’s why we are so fond of them – and that’s why we fill our travels with experiences!

Experience-making tools

Experiences in life can come by (positive) accident, but they can also be designed in order to create a fuller and more meaningful existence.

So what are the steps to do that?

  1. Create a red thread – an idea that runs across the experience and pulls it all together.

  2. Activate the 5 senses – so that you can immerse more deeply in the moment and be mindful about it.

  3. Co-create with the other participants – not everything needs to be planned: leave some space to the unexpected, so that the others who take part in it can fill it.

  4. Map the journey – experiences have an entrance, a center (where the magic happens!) and an exit. Don’t skip this part: keep the focus on it, leave space to reflections… that’s what helps build most meaningful memories!

You can design experiences for yourself, if you want to, but they work better if you let someone else make them for you. You know what they say, that you can’t buy happiness? Well, that’s actually not true: you can, if you invest money on experiences – because they have the power to gift you with strong emotions and life-long memories.

What are you waiting for, then? If you want travels filled with incredible experiences, contact us and get ready for a huge increase in your happiness levels!


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