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The essential handbook for parents who travel with kids

If you are a parent, you know it: it’s not always easy to travel with kids. Yes, we agree with you: it’s totally worth it – you definitely want to include them in your adventures – but it can be challenging.

The 10 tips we’re giving you on this article not only will save your holiday, but will also make it unforgettable – whether it is a family moon, a multigenerational travel or any other kind of trip that involves your children!

1. Explain the trip

Children, especially younger ones, need to know what’s going to happen in their life – otherwise they will feel uncomfortable. Tell them about the destination and how you’ll get there, the activities you’re going to undertake, the duration of the holiday and so on. If you’re going on a surprise travel with your kids, explain them how it works – and wait for their excitement!

2. Take it slow and be flexible

When you travel with kids, you know that anything could happen so get ready to be flexible and change your plans if needed. Also: don’t plan to do or see too much in a short period of time, it would be overwhelming for them.

3. Carry snacks

You know that your children might get hungry at any time, besides being probably picky: when you travel with them, always carry their favorite snacks!

4. Give them your contact information

Write down your name, phone number and the address of the hotel where you’re staying and put that piece of paper in your children’s pockets. Hopefully they will never get lost, but better be safe than sorry.

5. Travel with medicines

The same principle applies to medicines: always carry the basics, when you travel with kids. You don’t want to look for pharmacies at night when your baby has a fever in a foreign country…

6. Bring entertainment

You know how exhausting children can be during a journey, especially a long one. Carry with you toys, books, electronic games and whatever can keep the young ones entertained.

7. Bring any comfort object

If they have one, don’t forget to have their comfort object at your reach during the trip. A blanket, stuffed doll, pacifier: whatever it is, don’t forget it… you know how high the volume of your baby’s screams can be!

8. Don’t overpack

Despite what we just said, remember that you don’t need to bring the whole wardrobe of your kids with you. Bring some clothes that are easy to wash and reuse, along with some wipes to roughly clean them in case of need.

9. Get them involved

When you travel with your kids, involve them as much as you can. Based on their age, give them a camera or a travel journal: they will love to collect unique memories of the vacation!

10. Let them pick activities

Same idea as above: children will enjoy the holiday so much more, if you let them be protagonists. Let them decide what to do or see based on their interests… imagine how happy you’ll feel when you’ll see their faces light up with enthusiasm!

Follow the tips of this essential handbook: traveling with kids will be way easier and absolutely exciting… for all of you! And if you want to gift your whole family with an experience you’ll remember forever, contact us and we’ll design it for you!


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