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The 3 best honeymoon resorts… with a heart!

When you think of the typical honeymoon, what comes to your mind is probably a luxury all-inclusive resort on some island surrounded by turquoise sea. As you might know, though, we’re all but typical – and so is our idea of travel!

That’s why today we want to show you the 3 best honeymoon resorts that don’t simply offer a unique experience but that also do it in a sustainable way. Because your honeymoon can be a love trip in many different ways!

1. Aurora Safari Camp in Swedish Lapland

Aurora Safari Camp is one of the best honeymoon resorts you could find… although it’s definitely not the classic resort!

Located in northern Scandinavia and founded by photographer Fredrik Broman, it’s the perfect solution if you and your spouse are nature-lovers.

The rooms are actually Lavvu tents, traditionally used by Sami tribes, surrounded by forest, wild animals (not dangerous ones, don’t worry) and lots of snow in the winter. There are many activities you could undertake there – from treks to dog slide, from steam sauna to ice sculptures – but the best one is to just be present and enjoy every minute of it… you might even be lucky enough to see the northern lights!

The Aurora Safari Camp is 100% sustainable: it uses solar power for lights, birch firewood for heating, cathalythic snowmobiles for transport and so on – everything to minimize the impact on environment. Another good reason to consider them one of the best honeymoon resorts

2. UXUA in Brazil

If you’re more into warm weather and sandy beaches with dramatic cliffs overlooking them, then Trancoso in Brazil is the place for you!

UXUA is one of the best honeymoon resorts we found for you, combining style, comfort, tradition and ethos.

Every casa (your accommodation) is unique and created thanks to the work of local artisans together with the designer Wilbert Das. At UXUA you can taste amazing Bahian cuisine, pamper yourself at the organic almescar-based SPA, relax in the aventurine-quartz-covered pool or even enjoy a capoeira class. 100% of the class fee will go to an academy that organizes free capoeira lessons for poor kids of Bahia.

Here sustainability means supporting the local community… and you can be part of that too!

3. Wolwedans in Namibia

Wolwedans defines itself as a collection of dreams – not a simple hotel, but a conservation-centered, sustainable tourism example. It’s no surprise if we chose it among the best honeymoon resorts with a beating heart!

They built their collections of camps using a mix of sustainable technologies and innovative building techniques. The result is a one-of-a-kind accommodation, with minimum environmental impact!

You will sleep in a solar powered, luxury tent nestled in the heart of NamiBrand Nature Reserve. From there, you can have scenic guided walks, enjoy the sunset over the sandy dunes, picnic into the wild or enjoy the view of the desert from a hot air balloon!

If you’re a fan of off-the-beaten-path travel like we are, then you should definitely choose one of the best honeymoon resorts that also care about being sustainable: your trip will be unforgettable!

And if you love the idea but don’t know where to start… let us plan it for you: we will leave you speechless!


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