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Surprise travel tips: how to get ready for the ride of your life

Did someone say surprise getaway? We did! At Blind Experiences, we take holidays very seriously. One of the things we love the most is seeing the look on your faces when you discover the destination of your secret trip!

We understand that not everyone is used to this kind of vacation, though. That’s why we put together a quick guide with useful surprise travel tips to get ready to venture into the unknown.

Contact your surprise travel agency in advance

Crafting a tailor-made experience for each and every traveler out there requires a fair amount of time. But first, we need to get to know you better: what are your passions? What’s your favorite place in the world? Are you more of an adventurer or a beach lover? Tell us a bit about yourself! Once we’ve gathered all the information, we’ll be able to design the surprise vacation of your dreams. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and contact us as quick as possible!

Play by the rules

We love to keep a correspondence with our travelers. But this isn’t just any exchange of letters, it’s the true essence of our surprise trips. Not only you won’t find out the destination until the day of your departure, but even the following steps are secret… so how will you unveil them?

Well, through our 10 secret envelopes of course! They will tell you everything about your next adventure… but please, open each of them only on the specified day and time. This is one of the most important surprise travel tips ever: don’t cheat!

Take with you the desire to experience something new

An open mind and a positive attitude are key to life, and also to live a Blind Experience to the fullest. You don’t need to worry about anything, we got it all worked out. So sit back, relax and be ready to discover new places, meet different cultures and embark on unique experiences throughout the world!

Don’t forget your notepad

It may sound like a quirky tip, but you should really take a notepad with you. Imagine yourself sitting on a beautiful beach while gazing at sunset: wouldn’t you want to have pen and paper at hand to express your emotions? Or maybe to draw a sketch of that corner of paradise? Just give yourself the opportunity to unleash your creativity.

Traveling with your children?

Family holidays are big fun, but they can prove to be quite a challenging experience (especially for new parents). That’s why we’ve gathered a few surprise travel tips on how to handle your kids while traveling. A little organization can make quite a difference, you’ll see!

Just follow these suggestions to get ready for your next trip: they will help you make the most of it. And if you feel the desire to leave right away, just contact us and we’ll surprise you… we’re excited already: aren’t you?!


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