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Surprise travel agency: why Blind Experiences is the one for you!

If you’re planning your honeymoon or an unforgettable family holiday, you’d better choose wisely who to go to… and this is even more true if you are dreaming of a mystery vacation. Not all agencies are the same: you have to find the one that suits your needs and – above all – that is able to turn your wishes into reality.

And well, we’re pretty sure that Blind Experiences is the right surprise travel agency for you… find out why, thanks to the words of the founders!

What makes Blind Experience such a special surprise travel agency?

Chiara: We believe that travel not only is about the destination, but also about what you decide to enrich yourself with. For us, crafting itineraries means creating connections between our explorers and the people they will meet, the environment they will “breathe”, the food they will taste and the soul they will feed with those experiences. That sense of adventure that will nourish their spirit, for us, is all about connection!

Fabio: The mystery angle would be the obvious answer, but I believe the research and care we put in crafting each journey for our customers is what really makes a difference with Blind Experiences.

Andrea: We are a special surprise travel agency because we still have the same spirit of the first trip we designed many years ago. We craft the itinerary with the same passion we would use if we were designing it for our best friends!

What is the most significant feature that you offer to your travelers?

C: We set up a Whatsapp group to feel closer to our travelers… it’s amazing how the digital group can easily become a space for sharing their emotional journey with us through pictures, videos and feelings. Reading them while they’re having the time of their lives makes us feel so fulfilled and excited!

F: Our strongest point is that we are a surprise travel agency that offers tailored-made mystery journeys… so every single one is different from the others!

A: I would also say the Whatsapp group, which is active 24/7 during the trip regardless of time zone. It’s a way to give our customers the peace of mind that in their mystery trip there won’t be any bad surprise and that there is always someone taking care of them in case of need!

Do you have in mind any new feature that will make your surprise travel agency even more unique?

C: We are evolving human beings and the world around us is constantly changing! We want to be part of this human revolution committed to sustainability and we have a clear action plan and mission to connect and inspire people through our travel experiences.

F: Of course, but in true Blind Experiences’ style… it’s a surprise!

L: We have this crazy idea of an experiential trip format which would involve also parents and friends back home: multiple letters with alternative blind experiences at each stage. Friends and family back home can vote and decide which letter the travelers will have to open and experience… we’re still looking for the first volunteers: would you dare?

If so – or if you “simply” want to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, contact Blind Experiences, the perfect surprise travel agency for your tailor-made memorable journeys!


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