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Surprise honeymoon: the best way to kick-start your marriage

Blind Experiences was born from a surprise honeymoon: that’s the first trip we planned, as a gift for our best friends’ wedding. Honeymoons are still among our favorite vacations to design, and in each of them we put the same care that we used for the very first one.

More and more people are choosing to turn their first holiday as husband and wife into a real adventure: in fact, mystery honeymoons are a growing trend this year! Let’s find out why, but first…

Surprise honeymoon: what is it?

…first, we want to make sure that you know what a surprise or mystery honeymoon really is.

Just imagine a vacation where:

  1. You don’t need to plan anything

  2. You don’t know the destination (or destinations!) you’re visiting

  3. You have no idea of what experiences you’re going to have

  4. You are going to be incredibly excited from the first day to the last one

  5. You will see your travel dreams come true in unexpected ways

  6. You will share the best time of your life with the person you love the most

This is what a surprise vacation is all about – honeymoon included. Don’t you wish to pack up and leave straight away?

Why choose a surprise honeymoon

There are many good reasons to opt for this kind of travel instead of a traditional one. We’re sure you have already grasped some of them, but what about the others?

1. No planning, no stress

Let’s face it: organizing a wedding can be really stressful. If you’re planning to leave for your honeymoon right after the celebration, you have to plan that too on top of everything else. This could lead to an overwhelming amount of stress… and you definitely don’t want to burn out before your wedding.

With a surprise honeymoon, you put all of the planning in someone else’s hands. You only have to share your desires and needs (as for the budget or days) with the agents, and they will craft the perfect trip for you and your spouse.

2. Unwind and be present

What’s the best time to unwind, if not your honeymoon? After the hectic wedding planning and celebration, you definitely deserve a little break with your beloved. A magic bubble of love, where all that matters is the two of you.

This kind of holiday allows you to be present and live every second at the fullest. The surprises you will discover thanks to our 10 envelopes will thrill you and help you focus on the experiences, until the very last moment.

3. Unforgettable adventures

Whether you are an adventurer who dreams of jumping from a plane with a parachute. Whether you’re a romantic soul who wishes for a unique dinner date under the starry sky. Whether you love the idea of pampering yourself in the most luxurious spa of the world.

Whatever your travel dreams are, a tailor-made surprise honeymoon can turn them into reality… and make them even more special because you won’t know you’re going to live them, until the very last minute! This is what will make the journey absolutely unforgettable…

If the idea of a surprise honeymoon is tantalizing you, don’t wait any longer: let’s start planning your Blind Experience!


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