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Stella’s story - A star in her own fairytale

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

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A busy Dad just wants to spend time with his little girl.....

Dad Marco Gucciardi asked Blind Experiences to create a Legacy trip for him and his six year old little girl Stella. As a hard working executive in an international company, he found that working from home during the pandemic meant working twice as hard and he was struggling to find uninterrupted time for his family.

Seriously busy with work, he knew that he badly needed to find a way to give his little girl his undivided attention, but there was no way he could arrange a trip like this himself as his job was too demanding. So he approached Chiara at Blind Experiences, a mum and a travel deigner, to create the perfect Legacy surprise trip for the two of them.

He wanted an opportunity to indulge his ‘little star’s’ playful imagination and create some long-lasting ‘father-and-daughter time’ memories. Chiara jumped at the challenge and having discovered that Stella loves legends and fairytales and that she was born in Geneva, Switzerland, a Swiss theme quickly emerged and the Blind Experiences’ team let their imagination run riot, designing two days of activities to enchant the pair.

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Blind Experiences vacations always start with an envelope, and opening it with fingers trembling with excitement, Stella found out that like all the best princesses she was going to stay in a tower - the Torre della Botonta in Umbria. But unlike many-a-fairytale princess, she and papa Marco wouldn’t be locked up in it! Quite the opposite, days of action packed adventures lay ahead.

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Once at the tower they opened their next envelope over a delicious supper. It revealed that the next day they would be learning all about the legend of a formidable Swiss parent and child duo: William Tell and his son Walter.

The story goes that William shot an apple off his son's head with just one arrow, to escape the tyranny of a bad prince.

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Marco and Stella try their hand at archery in a much less ‘life or death’ setting, and learn to canoe on a beautiful nearby river, recreating William’s journey by boat to rescue his son Walter from the evil prince.

The last day’s adventures are based in Umbria’s dramatic Monti Sibillini National Park Marco where Stella meets some amazing creatures - alpacas!

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Meanwhile at back home, mum and Stella’s sister Azzurra got to spend some quality ‘girls time’ together too. So all the family benefits from a Blind Experiences Legacy!

When she returned to school, six year old Stella got top marks from her teacher for this diary entry she wrote about all the surprises she and papa Marco shared together:

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“Last weekend I climbed a mountain.

I slept in a tower.

I drank water from a stream.

I took a bath in a lake.

I jumped off a waterfall.

I fed alpacas….”

By enjoying a bespoke itinerary of hands-on adventures together Stella and Marco created memories to treasure forever - and that’s why it was so special for both of them.

This Legacy from Blind Experiences took place in Italy, but personally designed, surprise trips can be created anywhere in the world. Click here for some inspiration.


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