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Secret vacation for families: treat yourself and the little ones

The best thing about children is their ability to play and get excited in front of – so many – new discoveries. The good news is that you can go back to that feeling yourself, especially if you have kids.

We believe that secret vacation for families are one of the best ways to feel that excitement in a context that both adults and young ones will literally love. What’s a “secret vacation”, though? And when’s the ideal moment to embark on such an adventure? Let’s find it out!

Secret vacation: what you need to know

If you’re wondering what a secret holiday is, that’s easy to say: it is basically a vacation you know nothing about. Where you’re going to end up and sleep, what you’re going to do and see: every single detail will be a surprise both for you and your children.

How does this work? Well, the whole planning will be in the hands of a mystery travel agency – like Blind Experiences – who will take care of everything for you. Based on your likes and dislikes, travel dreams, needs and hopes, they will tailor made the best trip ever for you and your little ones to enjoy.

You will unveil the secret vacation with your family step by step, opening 10 envelopes that you will receive before the departure. It will be like a huge and unforgettable treasure hunt. Isn’t this thrilling?

When to go on a mystery holiday

A secret holiday with the whole family can be done whenever you like, but since it’s such a special event it’s perfect to honor a meaningful occasion. Here are some examples and inspirations:

1. Christmas holidays

In order to properly celebrate the “most wonderful time of the year”, you need the best gift ever… like a surprise family vacation for Christmas, indeed! Way better than the usual toy that will end up being ignored after a week, and – unlike that one – appreciated by all of you.

2. A birthday

Speaking of best gifts ever: no heartfelt present and no surprise party could equal the happiness that a secret vacation can give. It won’t be something just for the birthday guy, but rather a gift to share with the most loved ones.

3. A familymoon

If you’re getting married and you already have kids, take them with you on your honeymoon. Maybe it won’t be the traditional romantic couple vacation, but a secret familymoon will be surely filled with love and joy.

4. An anniversary or family milestone

Have you ever heard of multigenerational travel? It’s a great way to take the whole extended family on a holiday, usually when a milestone is about to be celebrated. A wedding, a significant anniversary, a degree, a retirement: whatever the circumstance is, a secret vacation with family members from different generations is a definitely unique idea to spend quality time together.

We are pretty sure that, after all these words, you can’t wait to embark on a mystery journey with your spouse and children (and possibly even grandparents)… don’t you? If that’s the case, all you have to do is start creating your own Blind Experience!


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