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Planned trips or spontaneous journeys? You can have both with a surprise travel!

When it comes to travelling, there are two main types of people: those who love planned trips and those who prefer to seize the day. We have great news for you, whatever your preference is: there’s a solution that allows you to embark on a journey where everything is planned… but not by yourself. We’re not talking about an average trip planned by an equally average agency, but about surprise vacations. And you know what? You can start creating yours straight away!

Planned trips lovers versus spontaneous travelers

The planners and the improvisers are two very well-defined categories of people. They apply to every area of life, actually, but when it’s time for holidays these characteristics stand out in a particularly clear way. Especially in couples, where usually one of the two loves planned trips while the second is a spontaneous traveler – that happens more often than you’d think, believe us.

Those who prefer to create a specific travel plan do it so that they can make the most out of their vacation. They do a lot of research before leaving, looking for the best accommodation in terms of quality and price, the unmissable things to see and do at the destination, the most delicious foods and so on. This approach can make you save money and optimize your time while on holiday, but it doesn’t leave much space to last minute opportunities that might pop up unexpectedly.

On the opposite side, for the spontaneous traveler the time spent planning in advance is wasted. He (or she) likes to just reach the chosen destination and get inspired by the present moment. Feel like visiting a museum? Why not! Want to relax on a beach instead? Sure, you can do that too. Not having a schedule leaves way more space to go with the wind – but it can also cause disappointment in case you’re forced to skip some activities for reasons you didn’t take into consideration… because you didn’t spend time planning in advance.

Surprise vacation: the planned trip that everyone will love

So as you can understand there are perks and disadvantages in both ways of travelling. Someone might claim that the best would be to position yourself in between: do a little bit of planning before the departure, but also be flexible so you’re able to grab unpredictable opportunities.

As we said in the beginning, though, we have another idea about the perfect solution to the never ending debate between planned trips lovers and impromptu travelers: surprise vacations!

In this kind of journeys everything is planned by a surprise travel agency that digs deep into your likes, dislikes and travel dreams in order to design the best experience ever. You won’t have to worry about anything. You just jump on a plane and go with the flow – yes, but the flow of envelopes that you will receive and that will unveil surprises throughout the journey.

You will enjoy the feeling of a spontaneous vacation – since you won’t know anything about it in advance – but with all the advantages of a planned trip. Plus the wow effect!

Are you ready to leave for the adventure of a lifetime? Let’s go!


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