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7 Photos from around the World by our Clients on Surprise Vacations!

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” Aaron Siskind

On World Photography Day today (August 19), we spent some time going through the stunning pictures taken by our clients as they enjoyed the surprise trips we had planned for them! In some photos we saw the sheer joy radiating from their happy faces as they experienced a new place. In other pictures, we witnessed the absolute beauty of the countries they visited. Those pictures truly spoke louder than a thousand words, as they revealed so many emotions and stories, leaving us content and reassured that we have been doing something right!

We’ve handpicked and shared with you some lovely pictures shared by our happy clients – some were newly married couples on their honeymoon, some were families bonding together on a holiday, or a father and son who took time off to reconnect while some were couples celebrating their love or milestone anniversaries! Every photograph is special to us, because it symbolizes a memory that got created because we customized a holiday according to a client’s passions and values.

7 Stunning Pictures taken by our Customers on their Surprise Trips!

1. A surprise honeymoon in Zanzibar

The Rock restaurant in Zanzibar - Blind Experiences customers on surprise honeymoon

Africa had always been a dream destination for the adventurous couple, Henry and Vanessa. So, we put together a surprise honeymoon to Zanzibar and Namibia for them. They had the time of their lives as they experienced the brilliant white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters of Zanzibar. This pretty photo is from the day they dined at The Rock, an iconic restaurant with its own island! It sits perched atop a rock off the eastern coast of Unguja Island just metres from the shore of the beautiful Michanwi Pingwe beach. Read more about their

2. A dream adventure in Costa Rica

Honeymoon Trip Planner

Kyle and Kristen are both adrenaline junkies and nature lovers, sharing a love for wildlife and warm weather. This picture of the fun couple white river rafting in the Pacuare River in Costa Rica captures the essence of their honeymoon perfectly – a thrilling ride, immersed in nature!

3. From Utah to Las Vegas to the Bahamas

Best Honeymoon Packages

This photograph of the swaying palm trees, turquoise waters and powder white sands of the Bahamas portrays the last leg of a 2-countries, 4-destinations activity-packed surprise honeymoon we had planned for the newlyweds Pietro and Valeria! As they relaxed at Ti Amo, a luxury eco-resort in the Bahamas, they opened up one of our last envelopes that led them to a surprise romantic dinner on the beach!

4. Father-son bonding in Switzerland

Family Holiday Packages

There’s nothing more gratifying than knowing how the surprise trips we plan, help bring families closer! Some of our favourite pictures are those shared by a proud father, Nick on a holiday in Switzerland with his oldest son, Max. The father-son duo loved outdoor activities and the mountains, so a surprise vacation in the Swiss Alps with trekking, canyoning and cycling on electric bikes, made perfect sense!

5. Surprise! Sisters reconnect in Madagascar

Best Romantic Beach Vacations

Blind experiences are not meant for just couples! We proved that by planning an ultimate surprise vacation to Madagascar for two nature-loving sisters who loved outdoor adventures! This picture captures a beautiful sunset that Martina and Federica experienced at the unique Bakuba Lodge.

6. An incredible South American sojourn

Luxury Honeymoon Packages

We love planning surprises for honeymooners with a big sense of adventure. It simply widens our scope to wow them! Julian and Ella were one such couple whom we took on a joy ride through three stunning countries of South America - Brazil, Peru and Equador! This picture was taken at Peru where they were blown away by the breath-taking views of the unmissable Machu Picchu. Look at the delight on their faces in this photo!

7. Family travel to Namibia for a 50th birthday

Luxury Family Vacations

Marianna, Mario and their children, Egidio and Nicola were a family of avid travelers who had been to all continents except Africa and wanted to celebrate dad’s 50th birthday in a very different way! We set them up for a surprise tryst with the abundant wildlife and unreal colours of Namibia. This gorgeous capture of a couple of zebras crossing the road sums up the fun-filled adventure of this family’s on-the-road trip to the very south of Africa!

At a time when we need inspiration the most, these beautiful snapshots of our happy customers’ journeys keep us going, as we plan the next surprise travel!


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