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No compromise - just honeymoon surprise!

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Honeymoon Trip Planner

Honeymoons are a magical time for couples to spend together and remember for the rest of their lives. They are often the best, most romantic and expensive trips we ever take!

UK and US honeymooners often spend double or more the amount they would spend on a normal holiday, wanting to celebrate their marriages by splashing out on shared travel experiences.

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But Covid and its accompanying restrictions have put a break on many people’s honeymoon ambitions. Couples have just been grateful to be able to get married at all, as finding a way to allow friends and family to be together to celebrate a wedding has been very challenging since early 2021. Lots of brides and grooms have had to postpone their big day if not once, but twice or more and have scaled down stag and hen parties, receptions and of course honeymoons.

If they have managed a honeymoon couples have opted for a short ‘home country’ trip, promising themselves a bigger, romantic adventure in the future, when ambitious travel dreams will be possible again. This is where a surprise vacation with Blind Experiences is just the celebration newlyweds are looking for!

If you’ve had to compromise on the biggest day of your lives, then what better way to celebrate with a trip designed especially for you and packed with the kind of surprises and spontaneity that have been impossible during the global pandemic?

Here are four reasons why a taylor-made adventure created by the Blind Experiences expert travel designers is the perfect treat for newlyweds who are longing for adventure on their horizons:

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1. No planning, no stress

Organising a wedding can be really stressful - during the pandemic the stress has been much worse. Who wants to plan a honeymoon on top of everything else?

With a surprise honeymoon, you put all of the planning in the hands of people whose job it is to make your dreams come true. You only have to share your desires and needs (as for the budget or days) with the agents, and they will craft the perfect trip for you and your spouse.

2. Unwind and be present

A Blind Experience trip allows you to live every second at the fullest. You are given 10 envelopes to open at specific times and dates, that will unveil the next element of your adventure. The thrills keep going all through your trip.

3. Unforgettable adventures

Whatever your travel dreams are, a tailor-made surprise honeymoon can turn them into reality… and make them even more special because you won’t know you’re going to live them! This is what will make the journey absolutely unforgettable…

4. Pandemic postponement

So many of us have had to postpone dearly held plans and compromise the way we go about our lives. Life has lacked spontaneity and excitement - but no more! Starting the process of taking a Blind Experiences honeymoon will fill you with anticipation for an exciting future. And you can decide to take the trip whenever you feel ready to travel.

After compromise, comes surprise - so don’t put off your dream honeymoon any longer let’s start planning your Blind Experience!


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